Thursday, October 30, 2014

FAT is NOT the Enemy

Fat is good! I am not making this up! Scientists have backed this theory by research.

No wonder when I was eating eggs and butter and lechon for 3 months, my cholesterol was lower than normal.

Carbohydrates can kill you. You have to read more on the subject. I know you can't eat FAT in combination with carbs.

But everybody loves carbs! There were times when I was so tempted to give up and eat bread, rice and other food bad for me!

Everytime I would pass by Yabu in Rockwell, my self control was being tested.

Good thing my friends are my anchor, encouraging me to hang on and resist temptation.

Since FAT is not the enemy...... My experiments today were cholesterol overload!

Homemade Chicharon!

I found a recipe online.

But instead of one and a half hours, I had to bake the rind for 3 hours!

Baked chicharon ready for frying.
I do not like to eat chicharon but I cooked it for Tita Nene. I know she absolutely loves it! I just hope it passes her standards.

I ate the small leftover bits and I was surprised I liked it! It was crunchy and the chicharon was not tough.

Another experiment rich in fat was Squash Soup with Bacon.

I used my frozen chicken stock.

I almost removed the fat!!! Sacreligious!

Squash Soup with Bacon

3 C. Chicken stock or Knorr Chicken cube with water

2 C. Squash, cut into small cubes

1 potato cut into small cubes

Boil the squash and potato in stock until soft. Let it cool and transfer into the blender. Purée and set aside.

4 strips bacon

1 onion, minced

1/2 C. Stock or water

1/4 C. Evaporated milk

Knorr chicken powder, salt and pepper

Fry the bacon slices until crispy. Set aside the bacon.

Caramelize the onions in bacon fat.

Deglaze pan with stock. Add a bit of the puréed squash/potato then pour back into the soup pot.

Add milk and seasonings. If the soup is too thick, thin it down with water.

Serve with crumbled bacon.




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