Friday, October 24, 2014

Tita Josie's Birthday Lunch

Tita Josie celebrated her birthday with us today at Peking Garden. I was with my senior friends.

She ordered our favorite Peking Duck!

Good thing it was a "wrap your own" affair.

I did not have to remove the pancake.

I have been almost (still can't give up soy sauce and communion wafer) wheat free since September 1.

I had a funny conversation with my Kuya this morning.

"Kuya! I lost 8 lbs. already since I started wheat free last September 1!"

"It doesn't look like it.... Looks more like you lost 8 grams!"

Ahahahahaha hahahaha

He is so funny! Reminds me of Jing who can think of a nice "come-back" in a second.

Tita Josie also ordered Wintermelon Soup.

Prawn in Red Egg Sauce

Steamed Lapu Lapu with Scrambled Egg White Sauce

E-Fu noodles. I only ate the mushrooms and quail egg.

Mashed Bean cake for dessert. I only ate the filling.

Our group was the very first customer in Peking Garden and we were the last to leave.

As usual, lots and lots and lots of stories.

Imagine... The stories started before the Second World War up to the present.

3 hours are not enough!

Always a pleasure to spend time with my Senior Friends.

Happy birthday, Tita Josie!


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