Sunday, August 10, 2014

Vietnamese Birthday with the Batgirls and the Junkies!

I celebrated my Birthday Everyday with the Batgirls ....

And the Junkies!

With my "photobooth" as the background. It is also for my gifts!

I figured I need to be prepared in case I get presents!

From Tricia M.

Jing made salsa!

I loved it! So chunky and HOT! HOT! HOT!

She and Mon brought chips.

I just prepared a simple Vietnamese Merienda

Goi Cuon with Nuoc Leo - Vietnamese Spring Rolls with peanut-hoisin sauce.

Banh Mi with Roasted Pork (bought the baguette from a Vietnamese sandwich shop on Mayapis St.)

Pho Ga - Chicken Noodle Soup

Chao Tom Chien - Vietnamese Shrimp Cakes

Dessert was not Vietnamese but all so delish!

A diabetic's delight and nightmare!

I baked Almond Roca Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce.

Tita Letty baked Sans Rival for me! Thank you!

FGM Cindy gave me my favorite Costa Brava cake with Marshmallow frosting!!!

Thank you, FGM! I feel bad that I forgot to have our picture taken!

Hehehehe you were well represented by the cake.

Make your own Sundae.... Mon brought the Oreo Strawberry and Melon ice cream. I bought Vanilla ice cream.

I was so happy everybody enjoyed the food.

It was worth all the hard work! I did not even feel tired preparing for this event.

The planning of this merienda took weeks!

I have been channeling my inner Miss Saigon.... Listening to its soundtrack almost every night as I check out Vietnamese recipes.

Mayette brought props for my "pictorial"!

My most favorite part of birthday parties..... And the reason why I celebrate several times a month...

Blowing out the light of the candle!

And friends singing "Happy Birthday To You!" CHUK MUNG SIN NIAT!

Thank you, Batgirls and Junkies for celebrating my birthday (everyday) with me!



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