Thursday, August 28, 2014

Birthday "Salubong" with my Junkies!

My Junkie friends celebrated the eve of my "real" birthday with me!

I used the slow cooker Tricia gave me. Shey, Mona and I bought the short ribs.

The slow cooker is such a wonderful invention! Just dump everything and wait for the meat to get very tender! Falling off the bone kind of tender! I just followed the Galbi Jjim recipe in my blog.

Tricia brought red pepper dip for our chips!

And also marinated tomato pasta!

Cat, our forever "bar tender", was in charge of our drinks and ice!

Tricia helped me bake Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Walnuts and Pecans!

We experimented with "jumbo" sized cookies!

It was Mona's first time to try my cookies. The chocolate was oozing!

Thank you, Tricia for our garlic loot bags!

We have not perfected yet the art of using a monopod! But soon, we will be experts!

At the stroke of midnight, the Junkies greeted me with hugs and kisses!

What a wonderful way to start my birthday!

Thank you, Junkies for sharing the same passion I have with food even if it is making your stomachs bigger and rounder each day!

I love you, All!!!

Happy Birthday, Lia!


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