Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's Billy's Birthday!

FGM Cindy invited me to the birthday party of her brother, Billy!

I was so excited to attend because of......

The last time I attended a birthday party, Mayette's, I was not able to eat lechon because I was sick.

But tonight, I had my fill of crunchy skin!

Not a lot though, even though you want to eat and eat lechon, it is just not possible.

I also tried all the food on the buffet table.



Camaron - it was so good! Better than my version!!!

Steamed Prawns

Kare-Kare - FGM ordered from me. I am so happy they all loved it!

There were also 2 kinds of grilled fish....

Jumbo Bangus


Birthday cake overload!!!

There was another cake for Jun, FGM's good friend.

The Leche Flan was so smooth and creamy!

Cha-Cha and Pia sang a very beautiful rendition of Let It Go!

Now I want to hook up my sing along machine and cause major flooding in the metropolis!

I love to sing! Hahahahahaha But it is not for the public's ears.

Happy birthday, Billy!

Wishing you good health and more happiness to come in the future!



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