Saturday, August 2, 2014

Exciting Month of August!

It is already my Birthmonth!

Happy Birthday Everyday, Lia!

I have a lot of activities lined up for this month. They are all food related events!

My theme this August is Asian.

The very first cooking and eating activity has a Filipino theme because of our Balikbayan guests.

Pork Binagoongan has been my craving for days!

I checked my blog and followed the Bataan recipe.

Do you get excited by the thought of food?

I do! Especially by fatty pork pieces!

I took pictures while I was cooking and sent them to the Batgirls via Viber.

When I told them that the oil from the pork has started to rise to the top, Mayette said she could imagine my eyes getting bigger and bigger!

That was true!

Another favorite dish I love to cook.... Adobo... But this time, it was Brown Adobo!

This was taken after frying the chicken.

Then I poured the sauce over the fried chicken adobo!

All-time Pinoy food.... Kare-Kare.

Hermie cooked the Lumpiang Shanghai.

My Ate asked me to bake Cinnamon rolls.

The other desserts were Mangoes and Cream ice cream and Ginataang Mais.

OMG! It is just the start of August! I have to pace myself, in terms of cooking and eating!

I still have a whole month to celebrate my birthday!


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