Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mona's "Official" Bienvenida!

Mona might not have gained weight in Canada but at the rate her Bienvenida activities are going on, she will!

We planned this activity as soon as we knew when she will be back.

She had many food requests.

Her all-time favorite, my Kare-Kare from scratch.

Crispy Pata from her donors, Corry, Jing and Mariger!

Baked Tahong from Mon.

Everybody's special request, Mayette's Adobong Alimango!

Mayette also cooked Pancit.

There was Bringhe from Bataan.

Mona brought cherries.

Desserts from the two Mamas.

Buco Pandan made by Tita Cena.

Sans Rival baked by Tita Letty!

Everybody was so happy as usual! What's not to be happy about?!?! Our bellies were dancing in joy!

The whole group was in full attendance!

The Boys....

The Girls....

Thank you, Mayette for hosting Mona's "official" Bienvenida!


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