Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mayette's Birthday Celebration at Discovery Suites

Mayette celebrated her birthday at Discovery Suites in Ortigas Center today.

She and Jon got a 2-bedroom suite big enough to accommodate all of us for lunch.

Even if I was not feeling too well, I told my stomach that the deadline to get better was 1:00 pm.


I did not want to miss the opportunity to eat my favorite food.

How sick was I? I gave Corry a big crunchy piece of skin from my plate!

That would never happen if I was not sick.

I promised Mayette I would cook Pad Thai for her.

There was also beef tapa from Farmers....

Mayette cooked spaghetti...

Japanese Fried Rice

132 pcs. of Tempura and 2 kinds of Fried Chicken.


Assorted fruits...

Caramel Cake from Mon...

Tita Letty's Sansrival

And...... Mayette's favorite .... Butter cake from Estrel's!

We did not have a birthday candle so we just used the iPhones!

Happy Happy Birthday, Mayette!

Thank you for always serving lechon on special and non-special occasions!



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