Saturday, April 14, 2012

Recreating my Bataan Food Experience

I recently spent my Holy Week in Bataan and I ate really delicious Filipino food.

Very simple but..... I do not mind eating them again and again.  I am very easy to please.  How can you not love this???

I was excited to cook for my family today because I wanted them to taste what I ate in Bataan.

We had our usual Saturday Family Lunch.

As usual, Gilly only likes Bulalo soup with corn.  She only ate rice with the broth! I told her to get some meat and veggies.

I set aside the bone marrow for Tita Portia.

Lucky for her, I am trying to be good today.  Or else I would have hidden it under the vegetables!!! Hahahaha.

I went to Rustans, Rockwell early and bought Tawilis and fried it till crispy!

Is it not we go to Tagaytay to eat Bulalo and Crispy tawilis???  I will go again to Rustans later and buy tawilis.  I can eat it everyday.

I do not like the way Hermie fries food especially fish.  It just comes out too over-fried.  I learned from Sherman that when frying fish, use high heat all the way.  It will be crunchy on the outside but the meat will still be a little bit moist.  And I did not add too much salt.  Whereas the fried tawilis of  Hermie was way too salty because she likes to dip it in vinegar.  LOL  Good thing she does not read my blog.

The Pork Binagoongan was a success!

I already cooked the other day and Tita Portia loved it!!! She ate it with grilled eggplant and green mangoes.  Why would she not love it?  I used very fatty pieces of pork for her.

I just discovered whenever I send her food, she removes the meat and only eats the FAT!!!!!

My Ate said when she tasted my Binagoongan that she almost could not remember her name.  It was that good!

It is because the alamang from Bataan was really special and not salty at all.  I cannot buy a lot because if you stock up in the fridge, it will just get saltier as the days pass.  Solution: Visit Bataan more often!!!

And the perfect partners with Pork Binagoongan......

Sinampalukan na Hipon!!!

Grilled Eggplant!

Green Mangoes with another kind of Bagoong from Bataan.

My brother in law, Butch, loves sweet glazed camote.

So does Tita Portia!  LOL We were just starting our lunch when I noticed she already got the camote.  She said she was already saving some because the last time .... hehehehehe ... well ... I thought everybody was finished eating ... I ate all the sweet glazed camote!

Kuya bought Magnum for everybody!

PD and I had TWG Creme Caramel after our lunch.

The tea was an Easter gift from Cristina.  She spent her Holy week in Singapore.  Thank you, Dra.!!!!

My Ate brought home the left over Binagoongan because she really liked it, plus I told her to serve it tomorrow lunch for her guests.

She is going to cook Kare Kare, Callos and Lechon Kawali.  On top of that, she will have a CHICHARON Buffet!!!  She bought different kinds.  I asked her, Ate?? Sino ba gusto mo patayin? (Ate, who do you intend to kill???)

I am glad my family was able to experience a bit of Bataan even if it was just through the food I prepared for them.


  1. nakakapag laway! droool..... sarap!!! may replay ba?

  2. Really super, Sarap! I even had Tawilis again for dinner and the left over Bulalo.