Thursday, April 19, 2012

RJ Bulalohan

RJ Bulalohan is a very popular place very near the Mandaluyong circle.  I first heard of it years ago from Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino.  Since then, I have always wanted to try their Bulalo soup.  I could not find it before... then saw  it was just beside Petron Gas Station.

When I got there ... well ... I am a bit squeamish so I opted to take out my BULALITO.  It is their smallest order of the soup. 

I let the broth boil again at home, it filled my soup pot! 

And the serving was really generous for a small order, big chunks of meat. 

I added boiled corn to the soup.  I wanted to put vegetables but there was none in my fridge.

The broth had a little funky taste... I am used to buying from the grocery... the broth tasted like the meat came from the market.  Maybe it was just me but in the restaurant ... I saw a lot of pictures and posters with the signatures of celebrities.

Since the serving was really huge.... I cooked the leftovers the next day another way.

It was my version of Sizzling Bulalo.  I just used a serving dish because I do not have a sizzling platter.

Sizzling Bulalo

1 k. beef shanks, boiled until tender
2 T. butter
2 T. Olive oil
1 can sliced button mushroom
1 can Mushroom soup
1 C. water
Salt and Pepper to taste
Knorr Seasoning
a little butter and olive oil for browning the beef

Heat butter and olive oil in  the cooking pan.  Brown the garlic, then set aside.

Saute the mushrooms, then add the mushroom soup and water.  Season with salt, pepper and Knorr seasoning.  Stir until thick and set aside.

On a  non stick pan, heat butter and olive oil.  Brown the beef shanks, then pour the mushroom sauce.  Let it sizzle until big bubbles appear.  Transfer onto a sizzling platter or serving dish. Top with the fried garlic and serve with boiled corn.

At least, I was able to recycle the leftover bulalo!!!

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