Monday, April 2, 2012

Sakura Yakiniku

PD asked me where I wanted to eat lunch today and I said, Sakura Yakiniku, Pasay Road.  I am not used to calling it Arnaiz Ave., same with Buendia, I do not call it Gil Puyat.  So now, I understand why my Grandma used to call Roxas Blvd, Dewey Blvd. and EDSA, Hi-way 54!!!

I got the Mixed Tempura Lunch Set.

We shared an order of Uni Sashimi.

PD got the Beef Yakiniku Set.

I am still searching for a really good Ebi Tempura.  I love the one in Boracay and I still have to discover a place which serves delicious and not too greasy tempura in Manila.  I already tried several restaurants but the taste was not what I am looking for.

The problem with cooking your own food is that one gets spoiled and cannot appreciate anymore what other restaurants have to offer. 

I like my own version but it just entails so much work!!!  So.... uh ohhhhh .... I am on a quest!

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