Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Michelle!!!

Wow! What a way to celebrate your birthday (March 14), Michelle! We had so much fun today!!!  It was so different from the usual spa parties, tea parties, eat all you can parties, etc.

It was... Marilyn et Japonnaise - Be a Model for a Day Party!!!!!

Hahahaha It was like channeling the inner Princess/Diva in all of us.

Michelle had the idea for quite a while and then she asked for the help of Arnel, Editor in Chief of Sense and Style.

Together with his team, Hector, Nicole and Ieth .....  they were able to transform us (Michelle, Marianne, Cath, Sarita, Candy and Lia) from gels to sexy glamorous bombshells!!!

Hermie does not understand the concept of .... CHEST UP ONLY!!!

 Ahhhhh finally..... less is more.

Woot!! Woot!  Hahahaha! Michelle loves to say that when she is excited.

Bob Betts was our photographer, he is the childhood friend of Michelle.

His wife, Jane, was my savior! She made me feel at ease and calm when it was my turn to have my pictures taken.  LOL It was nerve-wracking at first.  I forgot to breathe for a few seconds but then ... somehow, I managed.  I think!?!

Michelle also got the services of several hair and make-up people: Henry Anima II (Photographer, Make-up Artist, Digital Artist), Engie of Barefoot Faery, Pen and another guy who fixed out hair.

A party is not complete without food and drinks!

I made Spiked Mango Mojito Ice Candy

and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Sarita brought a bottle of wine and tortillos with salsa.

Marianne and Candy got  coldcuts and cheese from Santis.

Catherine made a delicious Pasta Salad and a pitcher of Sangria!

We were happy campers and had a fairly good buzz even before the photo shoot started.

 The first scene was the Marilyn Monroe theme.

Very funny... Yaya Hermie who is my *personal assistant* (LOL alalay to the starlet) and photographer said, we all looked like Madonna.  I told her, NO!!! We are Marilyn!!!  She said ... ahhh Manilyn!  NOOOO,  we are MARILYN MONROE!!!  Hahahahaaha

I felt like a little girl playing *dress-up*.  I thoroughly loved the whole process of transformation.

Before the wig...

After ......

We got the whole she-bang!!!  Feeling Top Model! Hahahahaha.

The next theme was Japonnaise!

We were dressed like Japanese schoolgirls.

 LOL Arnel said I looked like a grade school student.

We had a blast!  One of the most different and enjoyable birthday parties I have ever attended.

Photo courtesy of Bob N. Betts
 Thank you so much, Michelle!!!!

Special thanks to .....

Lynelle for the wigs (many thanks to Jennifer Sevilla), Rain Accessories for the jewelry and Virtual Mae for the shoes for the Japonnaise shoot.


  1. I LOOOOVE IT!!! You look great Li! :))

  2. Your Japanese school girl look is awesome!

  3. galing galing! pretty gals! :)

  4. Thanks, Mona! And also thank you, Anonymous, whoever you are!!! :)

  5. fun! fun! you look great li and the rest of the girls! :D

  6. Hi, Lei! Thanks! The rest of the girls were saying we would have had more fun if you were here and helped us *emote*!

  7. Wow, what a great idea for a birthday party! Something to think about for my 45th siguro :) You all looked so lovely! Lia, loved your makeup and outfits! You's so cute! Manang Hermie is so funny!

  8. Hi bcsf (Barbs??)! Thanks! Try it for your birthday, we had so much fun.... Super! Then we are having a viewing party soon!