Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drive Inn Pancit Canton and Fried Chicken

It started with a simple Facebook status update:

My dream is to eat Fried Chicken and Pancit Canton in those drive inn places one of these days!!! Hahahhahaha some friends of mine said they have the best!!!!! Hmmm which is nearer my place, Pasay or Pasig????? Hahahahahaha! Sometimes, I crack myself up.

And Joy ... the sister of Mayette, immediately said, PASIG!  She invited me to her house (beside the house of Mayette) for dinner and guess what??  She ordered a whole Lechon!!!

How wonderful was that??!?!??  Thank you so much Joy for the Lechon and for indulging me in my craziness!

As usual, I got my favorite part,

the ribs ... I only ate the skin and nibbled on the bones ... used vinegar and soy sauce as my dipping sauce. 

When I got to her place I called up Orchids Hotel and ordered a medium - sized bilao of Pancit Canton!

I liked it because it was not dry at all and they even gave a container with extra sauce!  Instead of pork, they used fried chicken as a topper, so it was 2 in 1! It also had liver, eggs and vegetables.

I have always dreamed of buying from those hourly hotels but I was embarrassed somebody might see me!  But now, all I have to do is go to the house of Mayette in Pasig and order my pancit.

Worth a try!!!

Candy and I are planning to check out one of those hotels in Pasay! So we can eat the pancit, crispy pata and fried chicken!!!  I wonder how much do they charge per hour?  LOL I have never checked - in there... I hope my friend and I can have a picnic with our other friends soon!!!

I cannot wait for my next MOTEL ... ahhh ... I meant Hotel pancit canton and fried chicken fix!!!

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