Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mama Sita's Soy-Stir and other things I like to buy in the supermarket.

I love Landmark supermarket the best because they have things you don't find in other supermarkets.  While I was doing my weekly grocery shopping I discovered a new product.  Maybe I wasn't minding it before, but in my eyes, it is a new product. 

It is Mama Sita's Soy-Stir sauce in a pouch for only 9.95!!!

  I read the instructions at the back and so easy to use!  I made Pancit Canton when I got home.  I don't know how to make good pancit so this new product made my noodles taste good ( I added more than what the recipe called for), just like what you would order in  a restaurant.... even better if you ask me... I've tried Pancit is some restos and I didn't like it.

Another product I always buy is Eden Melt Sarap. 

I like it better than Magnolia Quickmelt.  My favorite breakfast is pandesal with either Zaragosa Hot Sardines or flaked left over Mayette's Adobo (the best adobo reccipe IMO) with grated Eden Melt Sarap.

I have been having my Pan De Sal obsession lately.  I even drove all the way to Poblacion Market to buy.  The one near the drugstore, Villena corner Gabaldon Sts. have the light and airy pan de sal I like.... that when you press it wont spring back ... or when you flatten, it will remain flat.  Unlike the pan de sal I asked my maid to buy across EDSA, it was dense and heavy or what they call "sik-sik", I don't like it, even Wriggly had a hard time eating the pan de sal.

The bakery style pandesal is best eaten with Dari Creme!  I really love it!  I always have to have margarine and butter at home.  I still have to find a butter brand that I like.  I've tried Lurpak, Magnolia Gold, Golden Churn and Queensland in can.  I also have to find out if salted or unsalted is good with bread.  I know unsalted is best suited for baked goods and frosting because you can control the amount of salt.

So for this week .... these are the things I like from the supermarket. 


  1. Have you tried Magnolia Butterlicious, Lia? My friend said it's really good. You might want to give it a try and best of all mura lang. It's just P52.50. Thanks. :)

    1. Hi Beth! I haven't tried it yet but will do when I get the chance. Thanks!