Friday, October 8, 2010

Broas Experiment

I've been looking for Broas in the supermarket for days.  I usually see the commercially baked Broas in cans but  I like the ones from Quezon, maybe I should go to Market! Market! and buy.... I only want a few pieces, not a whole can because I will end up eating all of it. 

Mona said the other day, she and Corry were eating Broas with fresh butter! So, ever since then ... I've been dreaming about it.

I have decided to bake my own.  I got the recipe from Recipe of the Philippines by Enriqueta Diaz-Perez.


3 egg whites - beaten until stiff, add 6 Tablespoons sugar... then add 3 egg yolks.  Fold in 8 Tablespoons sifted flour.

Sprinkle with powedered sugar.

Pipe unto a lined baking sheet, baked for 10-15 minutes at 375.

Broas inside the oven.

My Kuya, who is my neighbor, suddenly "popped" into my house and asked what was that wonderful smell.. I said I was baking something.  When he saw my Broas, he asked " Lengua de gato?"  Hahahaha because my Broas were flat!  But after he took a bite he said... It tastes like Broas.

I just have to try and try until I succeed.  It already tastes like Broas  ... but looks like Lengua de gato.

Broas with Queensland Butter

I'm going to practice again and use another recipe.  I hope my next experiment will be successful.


  1. Hi! Thanks for posting this. Did you find another recipe? Please share it with me hehe thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Ash! I think I tried other recipes but this Broas is very easy to make and I prefer the taste over the other broas experiments I did.