Saturday, December 30, 2017

Dining In Bangkok

I moved into to Tita Jit's guest house when Lisa and her parents left for Manila.  Tricia, the sister of Jing, was already waiting for me.

I told Tita J that I do not want to shop anymore because there is no more room in my luggage but there is still lots of room in the stomach for Thai food!

We went to my favorite market.  I do not know the name but I just know where it is.

My eyes just feasted on the fresh produce and other cooking ingredients.

We then went to the "batok" place.  Again, I don't know where it is.  The nice thing about knowing a local is that Tita can take us to places where authentic Thai food is served.

Grilled "batok".

A plate of vegetables to cool the tongue because of the spicy dipping sauces.

Tom Yum Goong

Som Tum

Sticky rice in a basket

Hello Kao Chay!

Tita J borrowed the dog of the neighbor.  When you go to the restaurant of Kao Chay, she is the official greeter.

The next day, we had lunch somewhere "far"! Hahahaha I really don't know where it was.

We were with Ryan and our driver for the day. I do not know his name.

The specialty is Northern Thai cooking.

Crispy Shrimp Cakes!

I loved it! I know how to cook it.  I have to buy plum sauce.

Mixed Fruits Som Tum

It had red and green apples, guava, macopa and pineapples.  I will also recreate this salad.

Grilled batok

Fried fish with garlic

Tom Yum Goong


Fried Rice

Sticky rice with mangoes

Green Dessert

We had dinner at Bei Otto, a German restaurant with Ryan.

Liver Pate

German Sausage


Bread and pretzel basket

Crispy Pata!

We brought our own suka, toyo, sibuyas sawsawan.

Brunch the next day at another Thai restaurant.

The specialty is Mee Krob - crispy bihon

We also ordered....

Tom Yum Goong.

Tita J wanted us to try the different versions.  I loved this one the best because it had lots of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.

Fried rice

Freshly squeezed orange juice with salt.

Thai Royal ice cream.

Tricia and I went to Chatuchak after lunch but we were also there the day before with Ryan.  There were some things we wanted to buy so we went back.

My favorite in Chatuchak is the popsicle! I probably had all the flavors.



Thai Milk Tea



I also love the Moo Ping, I bought from several vendors.

We tried the Thai ice cream.

My favorite Khanom Buang

Tricia tried the quail eggs

Baby octopus

Lots of food at Chatuchak Market.

It is also a haven for pet lovers!!!  Section 13 to 17

I wanted to buy the stroller and bed for Snowball but I already reached my baggage allowance.

I could only get her a dress!

She looks so pretty in the dress!

Hahahahaha But Mona said it looks like Yaya Hermie's uniform,  I told her, Snowball is the assistant.

I bought a 3D Westie poster!

Because I missed Snowball while I was in Bangkok for 9 days.

It was a satisfying food trip with Tita J and Tricia.  Thank you so much Tita!

Thanks also Tricia! We had so much fun shopping for our beloved pets.

Had to go home to Manila already.

As usual, we looked like we came from the probinsya instead of Bangkok.

All mine!

The box contains 8 bottles of shampoo for hair growth and 24 boxes of Babi double milk soap. And the rest of the luggage had all my pasalubong and Christmas gifts for friends and family, not counting 1 suitcase that was with Lisa.

I have to schedule another trip to Bangkok!

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