Saturday, December 9, 2017

Boracay With Lisa 2017

Every time Lisa comes back to the Philippines every 2 years, we make it a point to go to Boracay.

The last time we were there I was very sick so I was not able to enjoy the beach with her.  I made it up this time and enjoyed the sun, sea, sand and food with Lisa.

We were lucky because it was very sunny when we arrived.  Of course, we had to have our mandatory selfie while riding the tricycle.

Our hotel was Residencia.  It is right beside Ambassador in Paradise near the Discovery Shores area.

I was pleasantly surprised with the hotel.  The rooms were renovated recently, some of which are still undergoing repainting and such.

It was Sia's 1st time in Boracay while it was my 22nd.

Hehehehe Lisa did not want to sleep with my cat.

The menu in the coffee shop was not extensive but it hit the spot.  Most of the time we were too lazy to go restaurant hopping so we had our meals at the hotel.


The few times we went out to have our meals....

Aquafresh Paluto.

The old D'Talipapa burned down last September. My favorite paluto restaurant transferred to Emall, behind Astoria Current if you are on the White Beach and behind Budget Mart, Emall from the main road.  They still remembered me by name! How cool was that!?

Halabos na hipon

Inihaw na liempo

Steamed alimango

Inihaw na pusit

Sauteed Kang Kong

A bottle of Royal.

We ate at Obama Grill on our last night.

Halaan Soup

Fried Chicken.

Ohhhhh bummer! Lisa does/can not eat a lot whereas I could eat lots and lots of "small frequent meals". She did not even finish her quarter chicken.

We had to try the different mango shakes.

Maya's Mexican restaurant. My favorite shake on the island.



Two Season's. It was just in a plain white plastic cup for take out.

So sad because they have my favorite Shrimp and Brie Pizza but I could not eat it.  I am doing wheat -free now for health reasons.  I have a lot of traveling to do this December and I want to be in perfect condition, health wise.


Grilled Hotdog and pork bbq!

Human interest story.

Mang Frank was able to send 2 kids to college just by selling bbq in the afternoon.  The kids are now working, one of them in a bank in Boracay.  After work, still in uniform, she would help her father cook the bbq.

I love stories like that. It lifts the spirits and gives hope to people who want a better future for their families and they achieve it through hard work.

Balut!  Hahahahaha Lisa could not eat the balut so I ate her share!

Warning: Graphic content! Close you eyes if you don't want to see the sisiw!


Mais con yelo

Beef Nachos

"Dirty" ice cream

Loot from the market... sili for Bicol express!

Boracay is famous for its sunset. Lucky me, the most wonderful spot to take a photo is in the Diniwid-grotto area.

There is a new mall called City Mall across Fairways and Bluewater.

I was able to have my Gong Cha fix! But instead of 80 pesos for a medium cup, it was 120 pesos!

Lots of new development on the island. Huge buildings being constructed.  Stores or restos that we have here in Manila are now sprouting everywhere.

Tita Mench would always tell us that Boracay was so much different back then. I understand her now.

When will I be back? I do not know, maybe next time when Lisa is in town again?

Lisa and I have been friends since 7th grade and even if we do not see each other often,  it is still as though we were just together the other day instead of years.

We are nearing the golden years of our lives but when we are together... we feel and "act" like the kids we were 35 years ago.

Thank you for the friendship, Lisa!


I had a dental emergency. I was in pain and could not enjoy my food. But good thing my friend, Lhen, who is a dentist in Boracay was able to solve my problem!!!

Thank you so much, Dr. Lhen! I got the photo from one of my blog posts.

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