Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Crazy About Dim Sum

I love dim sum!

Very much!


Because I do not know how to cook dim sum!

And.... I only want to eat 4 pieces, why do I have to cook a whole lot?

I have been eating dim sum almost everyday for the past week,

My favorites are:

Sio Mai!

Not just any sio mai but I like the ones from Tao Yuan, Lucky Chinatown Mall.

It has chunky pieces of shrimps, mushrooms, pork and pork fat!

I absolutely love the Chicken Feet of King Chef, Lucky Chinatown Mall.

Third favorite is Sesame Prawn Roll of King Chef.

Fourth favorite is Vermicelli Rice Roll with Shrimps at The Dim Sum Place, Annapolis St.

Some people cannot believe that I could almost eat dim sum daily.

Monday - Lucky Rainbow

Sio mai


Chicken Feet

Tuesday - Lucky Rainbow

Steamed Spareribs

Rice Roll with Shrimps

Radish Cake

I ate sio mai again but did not take a picture anymore.

Wednesday - The Dim Sum Place

Vermicelli Rice Roll with Shrimps ***** 5 Star

Baked Asado Pie

Wanton Noodle Soup

Friday - King Chef

Sesame Prawn Roll ***** 5 star

Chicken Feet ***** 5 star

Friday - Tao Yuan

Sio mai ***** 5 star


Taro Puff

Sunday - Tim Ho Wan

Vermicelli Rice Roll with Shrimps

Sio Mai

Monday - Tao Yuan

Sio Mai ***** 5 star

Radish Cake

Chicken Feet

Baked Asado Pie

Haaaayyyyy.... I wish I have more time and go back to my favorite restaurants and order my favorite dim sum again.

You can already tell from the photos which taste good and does not taste good.

I wonder if I have time to go to Binondo after KST recollection tomorrow???????

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