Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dim Sum Merienda

I was in the mood to eat dim sum yesterday afternoon.  I figured the timing was perfect because it was May 1.  No traffic along the roads because it was a holiday.

My first destination was Golden Fortune Restaurant.  They have a dim sum promo.

I ordered the usual suspects.

Steamed Rice Roll with Shrimps

Sio Mai

Chicken Feet

Congee with Lean Meat and Century Egg

Then I went to Lucky China Mall and 168 to look around for a bit.  Nothing much to buy except Snowball's toys for her swimming pool. 50 pesos for a netful of balls.  I should have gotten more because she really liked it.  We could not wait anymore so we started playing with the balls.

I had my 2nd dim sum merienda at King Chef, Lucky China Mall

My favorite Sesame Prawn Rolls!

With Parsley Mayo dip.

I really love their Chicken Feet.

It is the best, in my opinion.

Sio Mai, again.


I was so full after my 2nd merienda!  I was wearing a belt prior to eating but had to remove it after!!!!

Which only means.... I was a happy camper!

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