Saturday, August 20, 2016

"Lia, Why So Quiet?"

Lisa emailed me and asked, "Lia, why so quiet?"

Then I started sending her pictures of what I have been doing lately.

Last night, my friends ordered my favorite Swiss Chocolate Cake from Becky's.



Dra. Cristina was not feeling well but still found the energy to put some decorations for my Birthday Cake party. Thank you so much!



We had coffee and dessert in their house after attending a dinner celebration at Max's.


It was the 1st death anniversary of Sarah's Dad.

There was a mass at Sacred Heart Church.

I noticed something new but my eyes were failing me a bit.  

I thought there was a new canteen at Sacred Heart grounds so I asked Pinky to read to me the menu.


"Lia! Those are not plates of food but the 12 promises of the Sacred Heart!"

But.....if you look at it from afar, it looked like a menu of a small eatery!

Earlier in the day, I accompanied Jing at Makati Med for her check up.... Well... I accompanied her for lunch at Pancake House, Makati Med branch.



Butter Pecan ice cream from Lulubelle's


The day before, I ate at the newly opened Pancake House in Rockwell!


I can do that, you know.  Eat at the same place over and over.

I've been so busy this week preparing  for my birthday celebrations this Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Sometimes, I would even fall asleep in the car from Landmark to my house.

It can be so tiring but knowing my beloved friends and family enjoyed the food I prepared for them, it's worth it.  

I will just rest on September 1 because all the remaining days of August are spoken for.

So, if I seem quiet at times, I am just preparing for upcoming food related activities! 

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