Saturday, August 13, 2016

1st Birthday Celebration For August 2016

It is Happy Birthday Everyday for the month of August.  I had my 1st celebration tonight.


It was also a homecoming-mini reunion for our childhood friend, Weng!


The weather was so bad! Some of my guests were on their way but had to turn back and head home. 

We missed you, Jodie and Carrie!

Pinky was my first guest.  I put her to work. She wrapped the flatware with paper napkins and tied it with a ribbon!


Thank you! 

My early birds were Doc Bernie and Dra. Cristina!


Unfortunately, they had to go home because the roads leading to their house is prone to flooding.

Dodai arrived next and then.... Our friend, Weng!


I have not seen her in years! She is still the same old/little girl who loves to laugh and laugh!

We went to the prom together and her date was my cousin!

Small world, her sister in law is my 2nd cousin, Grace! 


Here in the Philippines, we all acknowledge our relatives to the nth degree!

My guests were slowly trickling in!

Miko then followed by her husband, Alvin.

Alex was stuck in traffic for almost 4 hours!

The family of Weng joined us for dessert.

Ohhhhhh the food! Hahahaha I forgot all about it!


As if!

Chicken Galantina


Binagoongan Baboy


Sinampalukan Hipon


Lengua Estofado


Pancit Sotanghon Guisado

Lumpiang Ubod


Leche Flan.  My first time to bake it in the oven (bain marie).


Korean Beef Stew from Dodai.


Cassava Cake from Miko.


Wine and Chocolates from Weng! 


She said to share it with everybody..... I did! 

I opened a couple of packs and scattered it on the  table for everybody!


Cristina asked me to order my favorite cake from Costa Brava with a message which says: 
Happy birthday, Madam!
From: Ka Escapades!


Funny story.... When she picked up the cake, she did not know I used her name.  She just told the girl from Costa Brava that the cake is for "Madam"!

As usual, it was a night filled with laughter! As in laugh until your stomach hurts and laugh until you cannot talk anymore!

Thank you so much everybody for coming to my birthday party even if the traffic condition was terrible!


My labor in the kitchen for a week was worth it!

Before I go to bed tonight, I will offer a prayer to thank God for having you all in my life.


Happy Birthday Everyday!

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