Monday, August 22, 2016

Birthday Dinner With My Neighbors

I celebrated my birthday with my Bel-Air 3 neighbors tonight.


Vinnie, FGM Cindy, Wina and Tita Menchit.

When I told FGM about the Baked Camembert Loaf I baked last week, she said she wanted to try it.  

So I changed my menu from Thai to what I cooked tonight.  I owe Ate Vi, our nickname for Vinnie, Pad Thai! 

Hehehehe Sorry! We forgot to inform of you of the changes! She was expecting a Thai dinner.

Baked Camembert Loaf


Salad with apples, dried mangoes and butter toffee cashews.


All time favorite Galantina


Baked Shrimps


White Pasta with Trufle oil.  I found an easy recipe online.  


250 grams spaghetti noodles, cooked for 10 minutes only.  Hahahaha! I made sure it was al dente! I know my guests do not like mushy noodles.

1/4 C. Elle & Vire butter, salted

1 C. Magnolia all purpose cream

1 Tbsp. White trufle oil. (Corry let me get from her can of white trufle oil from Italy!)

1/2 t. Salt

1/2 Knorr Chicken cube

2 Tbsp. Freshly grated parmesan cheese

Parsley to garnish.

Melt butter in a pan.  

Add the cream and the truffle oil.  

When it starts to simmer, add the salt and chicken cube.

Then sprinkle the parmesan cheese.

Add the cooked noodles and transfer into a serving platter.

Garnish with chopped parsley.

It was so easy! Sophia liked it.  I texted her to get food from my house, especially the pasta.  She is a white sauce kind of person.

Wina gave me chocolates!


Tita Menchit brought Arce ice cream.


Assorted cakes and pastries from Vinnie.


My birthday cake from FGM!


Dear neighbors, thank you so much for celebrating my birthday with me!


I hope you enjoyed the food I cooked for you!

Happy Birthday Everyday Lia!


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