Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cloudless in Boracay

I have been to Boracay 17 times in 6 years and it has always been cloudy, except last Tuesday.

It was perfectly cloudless!

I was so amazed! It was such a magnificent sight.

We sometimes take nature for granted.

When was the last time you looked up and checked if there were clouds in the sky?!

All I know is that....clouds are a constant in Metro Manila.

Lisa was my Boracay buddy this time.

We have been planning this trip for ages!

Milflores de Boracay is one of my most favorite hotels! I was with my Canadian friends, Celine and Mona when I stayed in this hotel a few years ago.

It is a 9-bedroom bed and breakfast establishment.

My dream is to have something like it but it will be Bed and Brunch .... Breakfast starts at 10:30 when the cook wakes up!

Lisa and I loved the hotel beds! It was like being swallowed by a big comfortable bear! We did not want to get up from bed!

"Lisa! Ok you go first!" "No, Lia! You get up first!"

We took the 5:15 am Caticlan flight and we were so sleepy! They allowed us to check in as early as 7:20 for a fee.

So worth it! Plus the aircon was just the way I like it! Setting was High Fan at 16C!

We burrowed underneath the thick blankets.

Our very late lunch at Willy's was Pancit Bam-i.

I barely ate my pancit.


But why???

Before leaving for Boracay, I was already in excruciating pain but no way was I going to cancel the trip. I was having abdominal pains due to gas or perhaps indigestion?

After the quick lunch, I just stayed in the hotel and wrapped myself in my favorite green flannel blanket which I bring with me whenever I travel.

I just survived because I took pain meds every 4 hours, then I would have 2 good hours to eat or explore a little.

Our dinner was at Aquafresh, D'Talipapa. Lisa ordered her favorite soda drink.

My family and friends all cautioned me not to eat too much and to order grilled food only.

Wahhhhhhh Plain Grilled Chicken with rice!

Lisa had the grilled liempo.

Clam Soup, I had a little of the broth

Garlic Kang Kong

Imagine being in my most favorite place on earth and I could not eat?!?!

And to think I had an arm's length list of all the food I wanted to eat!

The next day was a bit better... Breakfast was a simple daing na bangus with scrambled egg and garlic rice for me.

I only ate a matchbox size portion!

Sabrina, my cat, could eat more!

Lisa ordered the Beef Tapa set.

I ventured out and it was such a beautiful day!

For a few painless minutes, I was able to enjoy the sun and the sea!

I took a quick dip in the ocean. The water was crystal clear and clean.

Lisa stayed on to get a tan while I went back to the room to rest and moan.

Hahahahaha I told Lisa it eases the pain when I moan loudly.

I looked for her before sunset and we saw Manang Gina! I've known her since 2010 and have been buying hotdog and bbq from her eversince.

I left Lisa again.

My 2 hours were up. I told her to wait for the famous Boracay Sunset.

These photos are from her.

Pinky suggested to bring Lisa to Mesa Restaurant.

She loved the Baby Pusit in Garlic and Olive oil.

Hahahahaha Isn't it obvious????

She also ordered the pork bbq.

Guess what was my dinner?!?

Waaaahhhhh! Grilled Chicken again!

I hardly ate it.

The pain level was 8 out of 10.... It was a wrap around kind of pain which starts from the right side all the way to the back.

When I woke up the next day, surprisingly, there was no pain!

But it was time to leave already!

I only had ham and egg with 1 piece dry toast.

Maybe It was my body's way of telling me to ease up. I have not stopped eating since my birthday month.

Even if it was not a food journey for me this time, Boracay never fails to make me happy.

The experience of enjoying the sun, sand and water was enough for me.

Lisa said we will go back to the island the next time she visits!


As of this writing, I am feeling better already. My doctor friends checked me out but recommended I see a GI specialist. Doc BF, husband of Dra. Cristina, suspects I may be suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy of the intestines because this happened to me several times already.

Pray with me and hope it was just a bad case of gas and indigestion.






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