Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Before I Say Goodbye To Sugar And Starch

Good news! The GI doctor said that the CT scan results were ok! Nothing to worry about. He said the abdominal pain was probably due to indigestion or a combination of ingredients that did not sit well with my intestines.

But!!!!! If you ask my friends, they will say, it was because of overeating!

I also have non-alcoholic fatty liver.

OK. I bet you are all thinking that fatty liver is because of all my fat intake, huh?!?!

Am I right?

I did my research and the culprits are sugar and starch!

My endocrinologist gave me food guidelines but in this case, I will follow my "online" doctor, Dr. William Davis.

I have this question that I ask doctors all the time.

"What do you think about bone marrow (bulalo)?"

If they say it is bad, then I should not follow their advice.

Again, bone marrow is mono unsaturated fat. Just like olive oil.

You don't have to argue with me. I am not pushing my belief down anybody's throat.

It's just my personal belief backed by extensive reading.

So....l before I say goodbye to sugar and starch and other food...... I better eat everything that I will not be able to eat anymore!

I have to eat all my chocolates before Saturday!

I don't plan to give them all away well except if you are an indigent child.

But if not, don't even think of asking chocolates from me.

Maybe I will share my KitKat with my family this weekend.

Little by little, I am consuming all my stash even if it makes me cough and cough!

Pizza and Pasta!

FGM invited me for merienda at CPK the other day.



My all time favorite pizza! Lotsa Pizza!

Hahahahaha My taste is so "pedestrian"! In other words, jejemon!

I will also stop eating food with preservatives.

Bacon! So bad because of nitrates!

But so good because of the fat!

I bought the Purefoods Bacon roll. Streaky rashers compared to its vacuum sealed counterpart which is so lean.

I just realized, Purefoods bacon is very salty.

Tapa from Farmer's!

I know there are no preservatives in Gil's tapa but the amount of rice I ate with it today was a bit too much! About 2 cups!

I'm all lomi-ed out!

I cooked several variations of lomi in 1 week.

My aim is to start wheat/grain free lifestyle on Saturday. That means no sugar and starch!

Here I am again, asking my friends to just support me.

No comments, no bad influences, no unsolicited advice.

Just let me do this. Don't feel bad or sad that I am on diet.

I'm praying that the lifestyle change works this time.

Even if I fall from the bike all the time, I always get up and ride my bike again.

Hahahahaha FYI, I don't know how to ride a bike.





  1. Fun blog! Best of luck on your gluten free diet , hope you can post your menu plan! - Betty

    1. Hello, Betty! I plan to post my meals! Thanks for giving me the idea!