Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Afternoon Wanderings

I usually do my errands in the afternoons.

Mornings are too hectic for me! Hahahaha. I am a very late riser and by the time I eat my breakfast, it is lunch time already.

My whole afternoon the other day was spent in the Kapitolyo area. Tita Ope has been raving about the Siomai with quail eggs! She said she could finish 6 in one sitting.

I looked for Tita Lenn's Yummies.

It is at the corner of San Rafael and San Francisco streets.

She is also famous for the siopitas you see in wakes.

Of course, I ordered the quail egg Siomai!

It was freshly steamed, so easy to remove the wrapper.

I loved their chili sauce! I should have asked if I can order it.

The next destination was 3 Sisters.

Their bbq is one of the Top 10 Bbq in Manila. I just ordered 1 piece.

I looked for my favorite bbq store on West Capitol Drive, Lola Mom's.

Their bbq was much smaller, so I ate 2.

The other day, my errands were in Glorietta.

It was my lucky day! No line at Tim Ho Wan, Glorietta!

I immediately called my Ate who was in Landmark Supermarket at the time.

She ordered the Pork Buns.

We shared an order of Pan-fried Carrot Cake

And... Pork dumplings, sans wrapper.

Their chili dipping sauce was also unforgettable!

After my errands in Glorietta, I went to Rockwell.

Guess who invited me for merienda???? My 2nd merienda!


We just had Dimsum at Mongkok. That's his favorite resto. Who am I to disagree?



Sharksfin Siomai

Seafood Roll!

If I didn't have a post with the title, Afternoon Delight, I would have used it for this one!





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