Thursday, June 12, 2014

Independence Day Celebration

My friends and I celebrated Independence Day!

Or rather.... We found an excuse to have a get-together.

Before I left for Boracay, I asked Jing if she could buy the things we will need for our Surf and Turf lunch.

We just split the cost among ourselves.

Sherman was our grill man again!

We had Ribeye steak and Prawns.

Everybody loved the grilled prawns! I better share the recipe before I forget.

Grilled Prawns

1 K. Prawns, cut a slit along the back to devein

8 pcs. Calamansi, juice of

1/4 C. Kikoman soy sauce

Marinate the prawns in calamansi and soy sauce for 30 minutes.

Skewer each prawn with a bamboo stick

Basting Sauce

1/4 C. Bacon grease

6 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1/2 C. Butter

1 T. Kikoman soy sauce

1 T. Knorr seasoning

Brown but do not burn the garlic in bacon grease. Transfer into a bowl then add the butter, soy sauce and seasoning.

Grill the prawns over hot coals and brush with the basting sauce.

I made the dressing for the Ceasar salad and the girls assembled it.

Buttered Vegetables

Bread rolls and Boracay's Chori burger.

Our dessert was ice cream.

My Batcave friends love to eat!

We always think of an occasion so we can celebrate!

It was also Tricia's birthday yesterday.

The Junkies love to eat as well!

I had them over for a Boracay Merienda: Chori Burger and Mango Shake!

Thank you, Shey for our bracelets!



  1. I chanced upon your blog entry in my search for Boracay Chorizoburgers. I was wondering where I could buy the chorizo for the burgers. I'd really appreciate if you can let me know where.

    1. Hi Gio. I am very sorry for the late reply. I just discovered that most of the comments are in my spam folder.

      I bought the chorizo at the alley in boracay near Hey!Jude and Smoke Resto.