Friday, November 8, 2013

Busy Tummy Schedule

My tummy was a bit busy today!

Well.... Considering I am taking an appetite suppressant .... There was still a little traffic congestion.

I think the Mangosteen Capsule was working. In my mind I was hungry but my mouth did not want to eat. Would you believe I only had 3 pieces of Sio Mai for lunch? When did that ever happen?! I only had half a small daing na bangus for breakfast and garlic rice.

But I made up for it in the evening. I was so tired and hungry, I was at DFA Megamall to renew my passport this afternoon. It took a while but I did not mind the long wait because all the staff were courteous and smiling! The only thing that upset me was that I was not allowed to smile! The woman taking my picture said, Ma'am, no teeth please.

I got my new glasses from Mayette.... Well not really new but changed the lens because my grade is higher now, 100 and 125. When I tried it on, Wow! I could see so well! In fact, I could see the cobwebs on my chandelier! I better ask Hermie to wear her glasses too so she could see what she is cleaning.

Mona, Mayette, Jon and I had dinner at Ninak, Kapitolyo.

I loved the Chicken Satay with peanut sauce and onion/cucumber in syrup!

My next cooking experiment will be chicken Satay. So, watch out! It will be a Satay overload!

We also ordered Nasi Goreng.

Pad Thai

So happy to know mine tastes better! Hahahaha

The bean sprouts with salted fish was also good.

Dessert was Red Ruby.

The night was still young. Mona and I hurried home because we were still expecting our neighbors for our "Frozen Delight with Vodka"! Hahahaha I do not want to call it Margarita anymore because the drink is too light.

We missed Shey! Cat and Tricia were present!

Tricia even brought Chocolate covered pomegranate!

Yum! YUM!!!! YAY!!!! Ha hahahaha says the diabetic!

I was very fortunate today. Aside from the chocolates, I also got Mona Vie!

Premium Acai Blend from my grade school BFF, Roanne, who is now based in the US with her husband and kids.

Her sister, Rosette gave me Nachos!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That was for Tricia, Roanne and Rosette.

Whew..... My tummy is very tired now. Had a very busy day. It is time to let it rest.



  1. hi Miss Lia, what brand of mangosteen capsule do you take? and how often should you take it? im interested..hehe

    1. Hi Cleng! I bought Carica Mangosteen Capsules in Landmark.