Friday, August 5, 2011


I have been craving for tapsilog ever since I saw on tv the feature they had on the best tapsilog in Metro Manila.  Mariger said I should try the tapa flakes of Tapa King, she also likes Maty's.  Marianne prefers Rodic's in U.P. Diliman. 

I went to my favorite store today, Debenhams because it is the first day of the Blue Cross sale.  I get most of my clothes from there because they have big sizes... well if you call sizes 12-14 big.  I was very happy and went home with lots of loot!  Across Shangrila is EDSA Central market.  I remember the Mom of Mayette would always buy tapa from the market, if I am not mistaken from Villarubio's Meat.

I bought half a kilo to try.  As soon as I got home, I instructed Hermie to measure 125 grams of beef tapa and put in freezer bags so when I want to cook I do not have to defrost the whole batch.

It is my kind of tapa!!!

It is more salty than sweet and the meat was tender, not like beef jerky.  Maybe it was the way I cooked it?

I cut the meat across the grain into strips.  Heat the frying pan until smoking, poured cooking oil, let it heat for a while.  I used a spatula to move around the tapa strips until done.  Not overcooked because meat will still cook for a while even if you remove it from the flame.  I already know how to cook fried egg, not as pretty but .... it tasted good just the same.

Tapsilog craving?  No more!!!!

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