Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birthday with my Family

Yes! It's another Happy Birthday Lia!  Hopefully this is my last celebration before my REAL birthday!  My stomach can not take it anymore!  I can not even go near a pin, I might burst!!!!

I have been celebrating with my friends, I cooked a lot food... not that I liked eating them but I enjoyed the process of cooking and entertaining my friends.

Today was all about my favorite food.

My family called it "stages".  They are all heart stopping, artery clogging, killing me softly menu.  We all ate it in stages.

Stage 1 - Bulalo soup with bone marrow.

As early as Monday, I already ordered from my favorite butcher in Rustan's Rockwell the bone marrow.  I told him I wanted about 6 pieces and he got me from the center of several shanks.

The marrow was buttery!!!

When I was transferring the marrow from the soup pot to the serving dish, hot boiling soup splattered on my arm.  OUCH!!!!  But never mind... all for the love of the "utak".  Ate, Tita Portia and I ate 2 pieces each.  My brother and brother in law are semi health conscious.  Gilly had the soup and the meat.

Stage 2 - Elar's Lechon

I went to Mila's Lechon first but when I got there, they ran out of Lechon.  I decided to go to Elar's in Quezon Avenue.  The line was long and I was praying that I will still be able to get my favorite part, which is the rib part.

When it was my turn already, there was just one whole slab of the center cut, Yes! God is good, God is kind, God is merciful!  It was my favorite part!  I just bought 1.5 kilos for my family.  They liked it because the meat was tasty even without the liver sauce.  But we can not eat Lechon without the sauce.  The exception is the Cebu style, I am the only one in the family who likes eating it with vinegar.

Stage 3 - Talangka - piece de resistance

I woke up early to go to Farmer's Market in Cubao. 8:30 am is like waking up at dawn for me.  Again, I was praying that there was still talangka.  My next choice was alamango or mud crab but I am not much of a fan simply because it is so hard to get the meat.

Yes!!!  There was just one vendor selling talangka but they were selling it for an arm and a leg but I did not care anymore.  As long as I can eat those little creatures, the price is of no consequence.

Stages 1,2 and 3 are my favorite food in the entire world!  I am glad my family shares the same passion.  I went all over Metro Manila this morning ... a round trip ... from Makati to Cubao then to West Avenue then to Quezon Avenue and on the way home passed through the Manila route - Nagtahan, Paco then back to Makati. 

I have been saving my meat and animal fat quota for the whole week.  I was just eating fish and rice, then in the evening, Turkey and Swiss Cheese sandwich ... just so I can eat this weekend!  Just a few more days to go and I am off to celebrate my REAL birthday in my most favorite place in the entire world!  

Counting the days ........ Sun (hopefully ... been praying for it).... white powdery sand ... and FOOD! Glorious food!

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