Monday, August 8, 2011

I really had good intentions ....

I really had good intentions of living a "healthier" life.  I even bought a book, Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes.

While I was waiting at the meat section of Rustan's Rockwell, I was browsing through several pages, I discovered that it is better to eat rye bread instead of whole wheat bread.  So, I removed the whole wheat bread from my cart and replaced it with rye.

Also, it is better to eat al dente pasta than bread because it has yeast.  The yeast causes air pockets, so when we eat bread, there are air pockets in our stomach, making it expand.

Fruits are good even if they are sweet but pineapple and watermelon should be avoided because of the very high sugar content.

I know the author did not mean for me to eat a triple decker forest ham sandwich.... but it was healthy because of the vegetables in it... lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

I ate the sandwich with chips!  That was not healthy.  Ruffles came out with a new product, Cheese Flavored  and it had black pepper.

I had a little orange for dessert.  A combination of healthy and unhealthy lunch but I am trying my very best.

I really had good intentions ... what is it they say about good intentions?  "The road to hell is paved with good intentions!"

There are times when temptation creeps in.... it came in the form of Tita Portia!  She rang my doorbell in the late afternoon and she said: Surprise!!!!!

She bought TALANGKA for us!  How can  I resist?!?!  I could not... I gave in to temptation.  In this instance I will admit I am weak.  I am a wuss.  But who cares!?!?!

Tomorrow is another day... I will do better.

Ok .... I just have to say it loudly to myself!   Every now and then .... often ... all the time.

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