Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthmonth to me!

Today is the first day of my birthday month!  It is Happy Birthday to me everyday!  It started when I was young, my Dad used to announce that the whole month of August is Lia's birthday!  Which meant ... I could do anything I like or eat anything I like!  Hahahaha  Now that I am a bit older... at the rate I am going... by the time it is the 28th... I will be like a little piglet being fattened up to be slaughtered!

I already had a birthday celebration today, August 1.  It started last year when Corry treated me for lunch.  Since then, I have been looking forward to the "Happy Birthday" everyday.

We met at Ayala Triangle for lunch after her clinic hours for the day in Makati.  I always pray for lots of kids to get sick  hahahaha  Corry said to just pray for lots of babies to be born.  I chose the restaurant, Wee Nam Kee.

I like their Steamed Chicken with all the condiments.  We ordered a combination of roast and steamed Chicken.

Chicken Rice

We also tried the Roasted Pork.

I loved the Beef Hofan! 

So flavorful and the meat was very tender.  Bad lighting but it really tasted delicious.  Worth coming back for.

For dessert, we had yoghurt at Golden Spoon.  Belgian Chocolate with Marshmallow sauce and crushed Heath English Toffee bits.

YUM!!!  Although too sweet for me since I am diabetic.

Thank you so much Corry for the first Birthday Treat of the month!!! 

A celebration is not complete without eating one of my most favorite food in the entire world!  Aside from Lechon and Pork Sinigang .... I also love TALANGKA!

I was in Landmark Supermarket this afternoon for my weekly shopping and checked out the fish section.  They were selling Talangka.  Even though they were not alive anymore,  I knew they were fresh because the crablets were "iced" when they were still moving  and breathing, as opposed to crabs who died on their own.

It was pure heaven!

I only bought half a kilo because I do not want to die yet.  The feeling of eating the first spoonful of talangka fat was the same as  plunging into the clear turquoise waters of Boracay.  I kid you not!  Well ... that is in my opinion but I felt the same fix or high.

I enjoyed the talangka, my fingers were orange because of the stain from the fat, my dipping sauce was just kalamansi with rock salt and best of all .... I had it all to myself!

There are times you just want to savor something on your own ... well this was time that I did not want guests whether family or friends.  Hahahaha I know ... it was greedy of me  but hey .... It's the first day of my  Birthday month.

Happy Birthday to me everyday!

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