Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lia's Diet "Day Off"

I know! I know!  I just started my diet last week ... I already lost 5 lbs. in one week just eating Nestle Fitnesse cereals for breakfast and dinner.  I declared  a DIET day off.

When I woke up this morning, I looked outside my window and the sun was not shining so brightly.  It was really hot yesterday, so ... today was perfect for an excursion.

I texted Mayette: Elar's ????   She said YES!

I got to Elar's, Quezon Ave.  first ...

...  and she asked me to buy already so we could get good parts.  We both like the belly.  I got us 2 platters, 1/2 K. for Mayette and Jon and 1/4 K for me.  When I got my order, people were staring at me as I was carrying the tray to our table.  They probably thought all the Lechon was for me!!!

Mayette texted me not to eat yet and wait for them but  I was hungry already so I ordered Pork and Beef Sinigang.

They finally arrived after a few minutes and we enjoyed our Lechon.  The skin was crispy and had the pre-requisite layer of fat.  The belly was really tasty.  We dipped it alternately in liver sauce and in soy-vinegar.

After eating our lunch, Jon said we need dessert.  Betty's was just around the corner.

We ordered 1 slice of sans rival each.

Since we were already in the area, I told them I wanted to go to Causeway Bay along Banawe Street... according to, it serves the best siomai in Metro Manila.


I just had to try it! I could not give it justice because I was really so full from my last meal.

Mayette said they have very good chicken feet ... so.... we tried it as well.


We also ordered steamed spareribs.

I like the spareribs of Le Ching better because it is more tender.

We were soooooooooo  stuffed!  I did not think I could eat another bite of anything anymore.  I mentioned to Mayette I will only eat cereals for dinner.  But it did not happen.  We went to Metroclub in the late afternoon and I had Cheeseburger.

The whole day was a Diet "day off"!

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