Monday, April 4, 2011

Boracay ....... Again!!!!

Yes! I was in Boracay  again! Two times in one month! Isn't that the most wonderful thing in the world?!!  I had a great time as usual.  Who wouldn't?  I have been  invited by Michelle and Sam to join them.  It was their first time.  I shared with them my happy place ... MY island.... Boracay.

The day started very early, we rode the small Cebu Pacific turbo prop  plane

and landed in Caticlan Airport.  We did not ask the hotel to arrange an airport transfer anymore.  We did it ourselves.... took a "taxicle" going to the jetty port,

paid the terminal, environmental fees and boat transfer... in less than 10 minutes we were already in Boracay.  From the Cagban jetty port, we took another "taxicle" ride to Astoria Hotel.

The welcome drink was so refreshing, Pandan juice.

Since we were still early for check in... we walked towards D'Mall for lunch in Aria.

We ordered Carbonarra

Caesar's Salad

Quatro Stagnioni (sp?)

Cherry Gelato for dessert

Michelle and Sam said it was the first time since they arrived in the Philippines  that they felt they were really on vacation when they got to Boracay.  They live in Vancouver, Canada.

We checked into our room after lunch.  The room in Astoria was comfy and spacious.

Michelle, who paid for the accommodations,  got us the Premier Room ... over looking the pool with a private verandah.

What I liked about the room was the fact that it was sound proofed, so even if there were people or children swimming in the pool, we did not hear anything.   Hahahaha even if your next room neighbor is snoring loudly, you won't hear a thing.   Right, Michelle????

When we were swimming in the clear crystal waters of Boracay, Michelle and Sam said, now they understand why I keep going back to my favorite place.  It really is hard to explain the feeling unless one experiences it for himself. It is always a "Thank you, God!" moment.

We went to D'Talipapa for our seafood dinner.  We bought the huge clams, jumbo prawns,

big squid and scallops.

We had it cooked in one of the restaurants in the market.

 Clam Soup

Grilled Prawns

Grilled Squid

Butter-Garlic Scallops

We stuffed ourselves to the gills!!!   Really fresh seafood cooked very simply.  My companions did not let me pay for all our meals!  I wanted to go dutch but they did not allow me!  Thanks Michelle and Sam!

It was my first time to go on a very late night out in Boracay.  We took a short nap in the evening and woke up at 12:15 a.m. to go to Summer Place.  It was hard to imagine that there were still a lot of people out at that hour!

 Breakfast was served buffet style at the coffee shop of Astoria.  We were so blessed with good sunny weather!  The whole morning was spent exploring the northern end of the island.  I thought there was only one grotto but we discovered after going around the footpath  towards Diniwid Beach, there was another image of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

 I brought them to my favorite Japanese restaurant, Nagisa.

We ordered the Mix Seafood Tempura Set.



We have been to the Northern end of the island, I wanted to go to the very Southern end.  We walked for about 15-20 minutes before reaching our destination.

Now I can proudly say.... I've walked the whole stretch of Boracay's white beach!

Walking back to the hotel seemed too tiring ... I was "wishful thinking" we could ride the boat going home like a taxi.  Lo and behold a boatman offered us a sunset Paraw (native sail boat made of wood, bamboo, rope and net) 1 hour ride home!

I am normally a white knuckle flyer, I hardly breath whenever I ride the boat from Caticlan to Boracay.  So... the idea of sailing .... sitting on the net extension of the sail boat was a bit scary!

What is wrong with this picture????

Look at the life vests of Michelle and Sam.  Look at mine!  I wonder if the boatman deliberately gave me a life vest with no center fastening!  Hahaha  Michelle called it the sexy life vest.

I was holding on to the net like my life depended on it!  The boat was just powered by the wind.  It went fast, I felt a mixture of apprehension and excitement at the same time.

When we sailed near the Northern end of the island, the waves were getting bigger and bigger.  Then the SCREAMFEST started!  Hahaha  it was really embarrassing!!!  The waves were 8-10 ft. high! I am not exagerating. To top it all, the boatman said we all had to transfer to the other side of the boat because they had to move the sail.  I was glued to the net.  I didn't want to move, screaming my lungs out NO!!!!!  Hahaha  The boatman couldn't even help me because they were all on the other side already.  I had to crawl all the way.... screaming at the same time.  I suppose I really looked so hilarious.  Michelle said she should have captured it on video.

Surprisingly.... I had the most amazing time of my life!  I was just sacred because I did not know what to expect.  I had so much fun, I agreed to do it again the next day!

Agreed to join them on a 2 hour sail boat ride.

We wanted to go to Puka beach.... but when we reached the open waters past Shangrila Hotel... the waves were really gigantic.  If the waves were 8-10 ft the day before, the next day, they were 12-14 ft. high! IMO  The boatmen decided to turn back because it was too dangerous to continue.  Just to show you how choppy the ride was, we had to turn back.  Not a single scream of fear from me! I was mighty proud of myself!  I screamed of course... but it was like when one screams at a roller coaster ride.  We sailed towards Caticlan for a bathroom break then back to our hotel.

The sail boat rides were the highlight of my trip.

As I've said before .... I get to experience different adventures each time.  There is always something new even if I go back again and again.

Three days were not enough.  We did not want to leave the island yet but vowed we would be back.  After we checked out of the hotel, with bags and luggage in tow, we rode the "taxicle" to Dos Mestizos but they were closed for the day for fumigation.  We walked along the beach's foot path and ended up eating at Nigi Nigi Noos.  It was a pleasant surprise, we enjoyed our Seafood basket - Family Extra Size.
Grilled Shrimps, Squid, Blue Marlin with pickled vegetable salad

They gave us complimentary "kropeck".

We also ordered their Pancit Bihon.

On a side note ... there are three Boracay "must try" for first time visitors.  Jonah's fruit shake, Choriburger and Calamansi Muffin.  Michelle and Sam were able to taste them all.

I just realized that Boracay is my narcotic of choice.  I can not wait for my next fix!

Once is not enough, nor twice nor thrice.  I have been to Boracay FIVE times in a year's time.  And I already have a trip booked and paid for in August.  I still want to go in between April and August.  I believe I am a Boracay junkie.  What a wonderful way to get high!

I hope Michelle and Sam enjoyed themselves as much as I did.  Thanks again guys for letting me share my island with you!

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