Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chicken Curry for lunch.

I was in Market Market with friends the other day when I saw the sales girl eating Chicken Curry in her stall.  It gave me an idea of what to cook for our family Saturday lunch. 

I opened my blog and got the recipe.  I will be in deep trouble if blogspot suddenly stop its website.  All my recipes are compiled here.  I should make my own copy... will get to it one of these days.

We always eat the Chicken Curry with condiments: chopped eggs, kinchay, raisins and nuts.  I forgot to add chopped bacon! 


I only had a couple of spoonsful left of the Mango Chutney, I augmented with Mango Jelly, which I prefer when eating with curry.  I should have bought roti from Salcedo market when I went earlier in the day.

I used the curry powder Tita Jit gave me from Bangkok.


It is made in U.K. and it tastes so different from Mc Cormick!  Better too.  The coconut Hermie bought from the market was very creamy.  My immediate "family" (Ate, Kuya and Tita Portia) loved it!

I know the kids and my brother in law do not eat curry so I made Gilly's Bulalo soup ...

.... with vegetables and corn.  

Hermie cooked the homemade bacon crisps.

I told them I will be on a diet together with my friends starting on Monday.  I keep on repeating to myself "Hindi na ako kakain!" over and over .... hahahaha ... hopefully my brain will believe.