Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birds of the same feather.......

We do not deny it .... my friends and I love to eat.  We think of activites just so we can eat.  My Kuya once said:  Obesity is contagious!  Hahahaha  I am not saying that my friends are obese but......  they all used to be so slim ...  now.... Ummm ....  hahaha  I better keep my thoughts to myself!

We had our Garage Sale (again ???) last Wednesday.  I did not bring out lots of things, just the leftovers from the previous sales.  What I was excited about was the food and  to be with my eating buddies!!!!

Our day started very early ...  hahaha well ... my day started at 8:00 am.  I went out of my room in my night gown and saw that there were  lots of people in my garage!!!  I was not yet ready to wake up so I let my friends and Yaya Hermie man the sale. I thought it would start at 8:30 but since they were there before then, they opened the gate already.

I changed into shorts and tank top, carried Wriggly to my little deck and sunbathed for a few minutes before joining the rest of the world.  When I was "fully awake", for our breakfast,  I fried the luncheon meat I bought in Cebu and reheated the pan de sal I asked Jing to bring for me.

Jing has not yet tasted Mayette's Adobo.... so... I took the opportunity to let her try.

With tomatoes and wansuy, of course.

Jing made fresh vegetables lumpia with no meat.

Mona's contribution was the Inihaw na Bangus.

She is also our official Chili/Salt/Sugar dip  maker.   I brought some for her from Bangkok years ago, researched the internet and taught Mona how to do the dip.

Crush the red chili using mortar and pestle... then add iodized salt and sugar  according to taste.  Best eaten with green mangoes or pineapple slices.

Celina brought from San Pablo El Mare Buko pie and puto Binan.

It was also the birthday of Irene - sister of Hermie.  She helps me with my barbecue business.  I cooked Pancit bihon, just got some for my friends and told her to celebrate with the staff of all my tenants.

The food was sooooo good! We were stuffed to the brim!  Our bellies were at their limit, about to burst!  hahahaha.  Around 4:00 pm, I told to them close the gate already because we were all so sleepy!!!  Jing and Sherman went home early.  Later in the evening, they told us that they fell asleep also as soon as they got home.  It was a quick deep nap.  We were all snoring.  I wonder why?????

We all met for breakfast at Salcedo Market yesterday.

Jing and Sherman had the callos,  fried chicken fillet with rice, barbecue and dirty ice cream (which was overpriced at 50 pesos per cone).

Mona ate grilled corn, tamales and tamarind ice pop.

Celine had no meat vegetable lumpia, hakao, grilled corn, pancit puti, tamarind ice pop and buko sherbet.

I ate grilled corn, 2 pcs. lumpiang ubod, roti with curry dip, buko sherbet and pork barbecue.

Mariger had the pork barbecue, nasi goreng and buko sherbet.

One would think after reading this post that we will not eat lunch anymore, huh?

We decided to continue our food excesses at home.  We shared one bottle of  PURE SIN!!!!

Taba ng Talangka from Everybody's cafe.

They asked me to saute it in garlic.  Aligue, steaming white rice and kalamansi! Deadly combination.

I started cooking the turbo chicken earlier in the day because Ate and the family were supposed to eat lunch in my house.  But I called her up and rescheduled for next Saturday.  I kept the spaghetti sauce in the freezer I prepared the day before.

I served the chicken but we hardly touched it ... not when there was ALIGUE around!

Mona made again the DIP because there were green mangoes and pineapple.

They also bought  mini Canonigo and  little yellow mangoes.

How can I ever lose weight when I am around people who love to eat?  Jing said I should still go on a diet when I am alone but when with friends or traveling, I should not.  But with my schedule of activities... do you think it is still possible?

Sunday - Tempura Lunch with Chel
Monday - lunch with classmates at Chelsea
Tuesday - day trip to Cebu
Wednesday - garage sale lunch with the eating buddies
Thursday - Dinner with my church group at Tita Josie's Condo, Manasala in Rockwell
Friday - Lunch with my senior friends at Mogu
Saturday - Breakfast at Salcedo Market and lunch at my house.

Now I understand when God said that we should rest on the day of the Sabbath.

I am  almost out of hope of losing weight. Some people say it is because I love to eat and think of food all the time.  But see????  I am not the only one!  My friends are just like me!  Hehehehe  they are catching up fast, then we would all look so healthy!!! hahahahahahaha!!!  Birds of the same feathers .... flock together!


  1. Wow, ang daming sahog ng sotanghon! Looks good! Naglalaway ako sa pinya at manila mangoes! What's canonigo? Masarap ngang sawsawan yang kamatis at cilantro! Nakakagutom naman!

  2. i want the buko pie & puto binan!! im such a sucker for kakanin :D