Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Danger of reading food blogs.

Danger! Danger! I shouldn't read food blogs! It is detrimental to my health!  I was able to eat at Ukkokei Ramen restaurant today.  Finally!  Do you know how many times I've attempted to go to Pasay Road?  I couldn't count anymore.  Parking is very difficult along Pasay Road so I tried going to the place during the holiday season but the restaurant was always closed.

I've read in several food blogs that Ukkokei has the best ramen in town! Of course, I just had to have a taste.  For me, a food craving is like dying, then you were not able to complete your mission on Earth and you always have to haunt the people you've left behind.  So it is always imperative that I give in.

I ordered the lunch set A:

Ramen with Miso based soup

Chahan and salad


The broth was tasty and delicious but extremely salty!  I almost passed out from the sodium content.  I could see white spots floating in front of my eyes.  I have vertigo and it is triggered by eating food high in sodium.    I loved that their noodles were "chewy", not like the commerically sold "ramen" in the grocery. 

I also liked the gyoza because the meat was light pink in color.

Would I eat again at Ukkokei?  Why not? 

Another dangerous entry I've read in food blogs is the Pizza Hut Lechon Pizza!

  I just had a pizza delivered to my house at midnight! Bad! Bad! Bad! Lia! (hahahaha and I have been whining for days that I've gained several pounds over the holiday.)  As soon as it arrived, I opened the box and I said to myself  EEEEWWWWWW  Groooossss!!! Pizza and Lechon! Whatever was I thinking!?!?! 

It came with a pack of crispy Lechon skin and extra lechon sauce for dipping.

I took my first bite and said to myself ... Ohhhh it tastes good!  Not EWWWW at all!  Not Bad!!!!  Since it was the middle of the night, I only ate 2 slices and saved the rest of the pizza for Mona who is coming tomorrow morning.

If I really want to lose weight, I should stop reading about FOOD, stop writing about FOOD and stop thinking about FOOD! 

But ..... I am Lia!   Everybody knows what that means!

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