Monday, January 31, 2011

Sole Meuniere

I was watching Julie and Julia with Mona the other night because  I'm scheduled to do a Boeuf Bourguignon experiment with my friend Marianne, very soon.  I wanted to be excited and be in the French Cooking mode. 

The first food Julia ate in Paris was Sole Meuniere.  I saw it served swimming in golden butter and as she took her first taste of the fish, I could already imagine her pleasure and couldn't wait to wake up to buy Sole.

I researched the net for several recipes and chose the simplest and what seemed to be the most "authentic" recipe out there.  Sometimes, people would put their twist to a certain dish and it loses its integrity.

Sole Meuniere

1 pc. Sole (200 grams), cleaned and skinned
1/4 C. flour
1/4 t. salt
1/4 t. white pepper
2 T. butter
juice of 1/2 lemon
flat parsley leaves, chopped

Wash and dry the sole very well.

Combine flour, salt and white pepper.  Coat the fish with the mixture.

Using a non stick frying pan, melt butter and fry the fish, about 4 minutes on each side.

Transfer the fish onto a plate.  Sprinkle parsley leaves on top.

Pour lemon juice in the pan where the fish was fried.  Then drizzle the fish with the lemon butter.  Serve with boiled potatoes, string beans and lemon wedges.

I thought the plain boiled potatoes and string beans would taste so bland but in contrast to the richness of the fish, it didn't matter, they were a perfect complement to the buttery Sole even though I just used a small amount of butter.

Wriggly often goes up on his couch, yes, he owns that couch and would watch me while I eat  lol  very disturbing but he couldn't see if he is sitting on the floor, hence the height adjustment of his vista.

See how easy it was to cook French food?!?!?   Of course, let's not count calories here.  I was reading the Reader's Digest on How to Lose Weight and Tip number 26 says : Eat only when you hear your stomach growling.

I was waiting all day to feel hungry! As soon as I felt it, I started cooking!  Hahaha I think I am the only person who waits to get hungry so I can eat... as in... Ready! Get set! GO!!!!!   I am a hopeless case when it comes to losing weight but I never give up!  I fail all the time but I just keep going on. 

I have a teeny bit of a problem though.... I feel I still want to eat something.  I'm not hungry anymore but I'm not yet full.  Maybe this is what it should be?  Perhaps if I made French Onion Soup and salad before eating the Sole Meuniere, I would feel "just right"?


  1. congratulations Li! BBX, soon!!!

    - Marianne

  2. Thanks, Marianne! Can't wait to experiment with BBX!