Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tempura ... again ... and again ... and again???

When I get a craving, I will not stop until I eat the one that I like.  My really favorite at the moment is the Tempura from Nagisa Coffee Shop in Boracay.  But since I can't eat it yet till March, I have been eating different kinds of tempura from all over Metro Manila for a month now.

While I was exercising at the gym today, I was already imagining what I would have for lunch.  I think I am the only person thinking about food while working out???  I've been wanting to go to Kikufuji in Pasong Tamo for several days now but there was always a reason why I couldn't.  The place is no great shakes but it is a "comfort place" for me.  When my mom was sick for several months in Makati Med, it was our "canteen", so for a while I couldn't stand the place because of the sad memories.

I ordered the Mixed Tempura lunch set, it came with Miso soup, rice, appetizer, salad, iced coffee and I chose Uni as my sashimi choice.  I love uni!  I miss Celine because she is my uni partner.

I remember one time in Bangkok, Tita Portia and I ate at a Japanese restaurant in Paragon.... we ordered Uni and she asked the Japanese serving girl: Is it fresh?!?!?!  The reply was yes.  True enough it was served on a shell and the color was very light and creamy.  Tita Portia said to only eat the light colored ones because the dark colored uni is not as fresh.   We enjoyed it so much but when we got the bill.... it cost 2,000 Baht!!!  For a 1/4 C serving of "Very Fresh" Uni!!!  hahahaha  Delicious,  unforgettable and expensive.

Sometimes I would read food blogs where to eat the best Tempura... one said to try the one from Shokuji in Salcedo Village, Makati. Hmmm... it came with soup and rice but didn't like the batter because it was a bit on the heavy side.

 In Glorietta, I ordered the Tempura Soba from Sakura.  I liked their soup base because it was not bland.

In my obsession, I even ate a Tokyo Tokyo and Zaifu.  The tempura in Kimpura is one of my faves too... especially the Shitake Mushroom.

I also tried the Tempura at Ortigas Home Depot, Aling Tonya.  Again the batter was too heavy and the sauce too sweet.  I like my sauce sweet but not because sugar was used but mirin instead.

When I really can't get my Tempura fix,  I cook my own version.  But most of the time I'm too lazy because it is such hard work and I'm just so wilted from frying.

So, until I can eat in Boracay again (5 more weeks).... I will have to make do with what Manila has to offer.

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