Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pinky's New House

We invaded Pinky's new house in Marcelo Green Village last Monday, Independence Day!

We were all so happy for her because she custom built it.  She told the architect what she wanted and from the drawing board it became REAL!

It is just enough for her needs.  Plus the needs of her guests!

Hahahaha I even have "my" room and Mona has "own", as well!

Her new house will be the future venue of impromptu gatherings and our cooking and baking sessions.

Since she just moved in last Sunday, we told her not to worry about food.  We just brought our own potluck contributions.

Since it was Independence day, our food theme was Filipino.

Crispy Pata from BFF Tina.

Tina and Pinky have been friends since college!

I cooked Beef Caldereta.

The Rellenong Bangus was from Mona.

Jodie and Cristina were in charge of the Pancit Bihon and Pancit Palabok from Little Quiapo.

BBQ from Porcue and Fried Vegetable Lumpia.

Dodai was in charge of the fruits and the disposable utensils.

I really love her house.

Congratulations, Pinky!

All the stress, blood, sweat and tears were worth it!

Thank you for making us your very first guests in your new beautiful home.

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