Monday, March 20, 2017

Ka Escapades In Bangkok Part 1

Life is Short. Eat Thai Food.

That was the theme of our recent trip to Bangkok with the Ka Escapdes - Pinky, Mona, Cristina and Doc Bernie.

We were invited by Tita Jit to stay at her Thai guest house.

Of course, a trip is not complete without eating my favorite jumbo bola-bola siopao at Vin Vin Cafe.

We took the 7 pm PAL flight.

As you well know or if you do not know yet, my travel mates are a naughty bunch.  I am their perfect and willing victim.

After a 3 and a half hour flight..... we arrived in Bangkok!

Tita Jit and Ryan picked us up at the airport.

And then we went to my favorite evening eatery! Tita brought me there before when I was with Jing last July.

She brought jumping shrimps for Doc Bernie!

Ohhhh and then the spicy but delicious food started to arrive at our table.

Raw Shrimp Salad

Glass Noodle Salad

Grilled pork neck (batok)

with spicy dipping sauce!!!!  Spell S-P-I-C-Y!

Vegetables to cool the tongue from the fiery food.

Papaya Som Tum

Tom Yun Goong - I loved it because it was very creamy and not too spicy.

Grilled River Prawns!  We call it ulang in the Philippines.

Ohhhh I loved it!  The head was full of fat! You had to suck out the creamy aligue!

Then you dip it Spicy Seafood Sauce

Thai Sticky Rice in a basket!

You roll it into a small ball and dip the rice in the dressing of the Papaya Som Tum.

We had to wash down all the heat with bottled soda and water!

I told Tita Jit that with all the food I ate, I could go home already to Manila!

Thai craving satisfied!

But the night was not yet over!  It was probably 12:30 am already when we got to the guest house.

We unloaded our pasalubongs for Tita and Ryan and our host welcomed us with fresh fruits!

We had mango sticky rice for dessert!

It was time to call it a night.  We had to get up early the next day.

I think I only slept for a few hours.  My travel mates were very quiet, talking softly, but what woke me up was the crunch crunch sound of the Machakaw! (sp?)

It was very addicitng!!!!!  When you see this in Bangkok, you have to buy a lot and bring it home and stock up! Bring home a suitcase full of it!

Most of the S&P bakeshops we went to did not have stock but I was able to buy in Siam Paragon!

It did not survive the plane ride and broke into several pieces but who cares!  I had it with coffee!

Tuk Tuk with Tita's suki driver was our mode of transportation most of the time.  Tita has several cars and a van but no driver.  She only gets an extra when she needs to go somewhere far or in our case, to pick us up at the airport.  She even offered to let us drive but it is hard to navigate the streets of Bangkok because they use right hand drive cars.

We had breakfast at the sidewalk eatery near Tita's house.

I told her I wanted to eat soup.

We also had baby pineapples.

They went to the floating market

and to the elephant place in the province.

I stayed behind because I wanted to go to Chinatown.

Tita told me to ride Bus No. 1.

I went to Sampeng lane to do a bit of shopping.  Bags, spices and Pad Thai noodles!

Coconut ice cream!

I got hungry and ate at Shangrila Restaurant.  PD and I always eat Peking duck there but I just had dimsum this time.




Steamed Rice Roll.

I opened google map because I was trying to locate the street where I was supposed to take Bus No. 1 going home.  I found it! But it was such a long.... long.... long.... walk under the noon time sun.

Got off  in Bang Rak and headed towards Baan Thai which was very near the entrance of Shangrila Hotel.  I read that it was one of the must try restos in Bangkok.

Their specialty is Pad Thai.

My order was the Pad Thai with Grilled River Prawns.

Before leaving Tita's compound, I took a picture of the street sign.  I would show it to taxi or tuk tuk drivers so they could bring me home.  They can't understand English and I can't speak Thai.  So, the best bet was to show the picture.

When I got back to the guest house everybody was eating fruits and mango sticky rice!  I had to take a shower because it was very hot in Chinatown.  I think I mentioned it already.

Then off we went to Tokiya in Tita's new Mobilio.  Ryan drove for us.

Tita invited all of us, including the 2 co-workers of Ryan, for an 8 course Japanese dinner!

I don't remember the names of the food we ordered but I know the meal consisted of:

Rice Dishes
Main course

The Salmon Sashimi was a special order because Pinky loves it and so does Tita.

The main course I chose was the deep-fried pork knuckle!

It is their version of Crispy Pata.  The meat was so soft you can easily pull the bone from it.

The meat tasted between a cross of ham and bacon.

My dessert was Jellied Orange!

I loved it because it tasted like Sunquick!

Hahahaha Everybody said... EWWWWWW!

My choice of salad: Grilled Tuna

Soup was Lobster Bisque.

Sushi for the Rice Dish.

Mushrooms for appetizer.


And we even had Mulberry Vinegar drink.

We went to bed very early because we were so tired!  I think we were asleep before 9 pm.


My post is full of pictures of food!

Imagine.... all of that food was in our stomachs!

That was just Day 1 and Day 2!

Wait for Part 2!!!!

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  1. May I know the name of Tita's guest house in Bangkok? Would love to stay there if/when we visit Bangkok again. Thank you.

  2. Hello Erin. It's my Tita's private guest house for her friends and relatives. It is not for rent.