Sunday, December 26, 2010

What I ate for Christmas!

I started celebrating Christmas early in December and I got the shock of my life when I weighed myself at the gym yesterday and discovered I gained 10 lbs. in one month! Terrible! Horrible! Unthinkable!  Delicious!!!!

I plan to follow my diet in January and go to the gym regularly.  Hmmmm ....  Why does that line seem so familiar? I love to eat... my family loves to eat... my friends love to eat.

I heard mass in Santa Rosa last night with Tita Portia and had a light pre-Christmas snack in her house.

It wasn't exactly Noche Buena because our celebration is always on Christmas day lunch. 

We had the usual ensaimada, Adelina's ham, Marca Pina quezo de bola, chicken salad and my famous  Hot Chocolate.  It took me weeks of research and several hits and misses before I got the taste that I wanted.  A perfect recipe all the time.  In the spirit of the holiday season ... I'm sharing my recipe of ....

Hot Chocolate - 1 cup

1 C. Fresh Milk
65 g. bittersweet chocolate, cut into cubes. ( You can buy from Chocolate Lover's, Baker's Depot or Cook's Exchange)

(Use a big stainless steel cooking pot because the milk tends to overflow when it starts to boil.)

Heat the milk until it is almost boiling,  Drop the chocolate pieces and stir slowly with a wire whisk until the chocolate is melted.  Continue whisking slowly until you get the consistency you like. 

*I let the chocolate cool in the pot for several hours and heat before serving, you will get hot chocolate that is smooth and thick.

I am so excited! I hope you try this recipe and everybody will want more!

We didn't wait for midnight but went to bed early.  I got myself a companion for the night.  Hahahahaha  a Male!!!!   I got my old wicker plant box, a couple of throw pillows, a flannel blanket and let wriggly sleep with me even if I am allergic to him.  I just took an antihistamine medicine so I won't get sick.  My baby looked so cute!  Like a real baby in a crib.

Eversince I can remember ... Christmas lunch has always been "Nilagang Manok" and Lechon.  I ordered again our little piglet from Ping Ping! 

I did not get dizzy this time and enjoyed my lunch... crunchy skin and ribs!  The soup was a bit salty because I made a mistake and added 2 T. rock salt instead of 1 T.

Every year, Tita Portia would always prepare a dessert and banana split buffet upstairs.

And then.... time to open the gifts!  We don't just give our gifts to each other .... we have to watch each and every one open his or her gift and it would take ages!  But that is Christmas for us.  I was fortunate to have captured on camera their delight when they opened their favorite gift.  We all got a lot of presents but will just post one picture each so I can introduce my family.





Ate Gina

Kuya Raul
Kuya Butch - Husband of Ate

Tita Portia
 When I heard mass last night, I greeted Jesus Merry Christmas and thanked Him for my family and friends.

Merry Christmas!!!

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