Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Friends And Neighbors

I always make time for my friends and neighbors.

Well.... try to make time for them!

It might seem I am not busy but all my moments are accounted for already.

Hahahaha! Get in line if you want to make an appointment.  Kidding! Not!

PD asked me to invite my neighbors to her house for a simple merienda.

Haha! Nothing is ever simple at PD's Pink Wonderland!

"Please invite Cindy, "Shane", "Kay" and "Patricia".

Cindy, Shey, Cat and Tricia.

It was a miscommunication, I thought I told Cindy it was on a Sunday but the last time we talked, I told her it might be on a Monday.  Sorry! My fault! PD said Cindy will be invited this Valentine's!

It was a good thing, the "Moms of Bel-Air 3" were able to sneak away for a few hours for a special and funny bonding moments.

Remember the story of Zodiac and Fudge???????

The night before, after mass at the park, Cindy and I had dinner at Bulgogi brothers, Greenbelt 5.

And the other day, Ramen Nagi and shopping with Dra. Cristina at SM Aura.

See how busy my schedule is???  And in between the eating and the shopping were errands and cooking and baking.

But.... I invest time in my friends and neighbors.  I cultivate the friendship I have with them.

Nobody is ever too busy to catch up with friends.  Even if it is just a quick pow wow, I give time to the people I love.

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