Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Last Trip For 2016

I thought my last trip for 2016 was in Boracay  last November but sometimes you get lucky in life!  I went to Cebu with Mona, it was Tita Jit's Christmas gift to us.

We took a very early flight because I wanted to go to some of my favorite eating places.  Too excited and afraid I will not wake up on time, I hardly had any sleep!

I was still awake when the alarm sounded.  My voice was getting hoarse from lack of sleep.  I had to use the scarf Serla gave me during our exchange gift a couple a few weeks ago.

Mona said I look a flight attendant wearing a summer-themed get up!

My  insulated "baon" bag contained what I call, My NAIA airport survival kit.

Chocolates, candies, crackers, nuts and bread.  There are times you cannot buy anything in the airport.

But if your airport is T2 or T4, you are very lucky because there is a Vin Vin Kiosk.

As usual, I bought my favorite Jumbo Bola-Bola siopao.

I did not realize that some people do not like it, I suppose it is a matter of personal taste but I really MUST eat it when I am using those terminals.

Upon checking in to my new favorite budget hotel, Red Planet, which is right across Ayala center, I already messed up our room!

Madam's bed after looking for somethings in my suitcase.

Nyora's bed.

Our first destination was Doming's Ngo Hiong! Only to be disappointed because it was closed!!!!  And would resume service on January 3! WAAAHHHHH!

We opted to eat at CNT Lechon in  Guadalupe, instead.

With Fat! I loved it!.  Mona scraped the fat off of the skin of her lechon.  Killjoy!

And then we went to Abuhan Dos to order marrow by the bowl! Out of stock!!!

It is not a good idea to go to Cebu after Christmas because all my favorites are either out of stock or the establishments are closed.

We headed back to our hotel and dozed off until late afternoon.  Feeling so refreshed and ready to tackle the food eatinerary, off we went to Ayala mall.  I had a "light" snack.  Steamed Fried Rice and Siomai from Dimsum Break.

Our first dinner was at Matia's on the corner of A.S. Fortuna and Hernan Cortes.

First, you choose what you like.

Then you line up your plate on the counter.

A server will approach your table and ask what you put on your plate.  By just asking, they already know who to give it to.

Mona had pork belly.

I ordered 2 pcs. of pork bbq, 1 pc. of Chorizo Cebu and a stick of chicken wings.

You eat the bbq with "puso", accent on the "so".

The outdoor eatery is a no frills place, you wash your hands in the outdoor sink and use them to eat!

Squeamish people will not like it there.  I love Matia's, though.  I could see the other diners enjoying their food.  The guy beside me was biting into his grilled Chicken "paa" (quartered leg).

We rested again in our hotel for about an hour and then picked up Tita Jit and Ryan at the airport.  We hired Kirk's van for our ride.

A very late dinner at Zubuchon near the airport.  Most of what we wanted was out of stock, AGAIN.  We just ordered, pancit and sisig plus lemongrass tea.

We called it a night and woke up very early the next day to pick up Tita Jit's friend from the airport.  We hired again another van.

Breakfast was at Tymad French Bistro.

They are known for their croissant.

I ordered it and Koign Aman.

Omelette with Emmenthal cheese for Tita Jit but she gave me half of hers.

Mona ordered French Toast with bacon.

Maricel, Tita Jit's friend from Davao, ordered a breakfast platter.

So did Ryan.

We decided to go to Carcar!

My happiest place in Cebu!!!

We bought chicharon and ate lechon!  I poured the drippings over my rice.  This is an important part of my post later.  I thought the drippings was soup.

After a quick lunch, we headed back to the city to eat the Snow Ice Halo-Halo at Majestic in Ayala Center.

This is the reason why Tita Jit went to the Philippines.  To eat halo-halo.

Seriously, I am not kidding!

I ordered  Bam-i

with deep-fried mantao bread and asked for condensed milk.  I dipped the bread into the milk.

We brought back Maricel to the airport because it was time for her to head home.

It was nice meeting you, Maricel!

Our dinner was at Alejandro's.

Their specialty is Crispy Pata!

Skin was crispy and meat was falling off the bone.

We ordered soup and Shrimp camaron, as well.

Pancit Canton.

I prefer their Bam-i.

And then at midnight.... all the oil I have been eating took toll on my stomach.  I was practically in the bathroom all night long.  Dra. Cristina said, I suffered from mal-absorption because I have been eating greasy food 2 days in a row.

Good thing when Mona woke up in the morning, I asked her to buy me crackers, Gatorade and water so I can take Hydrasec.  FYI it is the best medication for upset stomach.

We were all analyzing what I ate and Mona said, the culprit was probably the drippings I poured on my rice in Carcar.  She said it was not soup, which I thought it was, but rather.... it was OIL!!!!!

I did not join them for breakfast and just slept for a few minutes.. I was feeling a bit better after my nap.

THEY had lunch at Cafe Laguna.  I only ordered rice and Sprite!  My "ulam" was banana and apple!!!

They also had merienda at Zubochon on Escario St.

I had calamansi shake and ate a forkful of pancit.

We then headed for the airport.  Surprisingly, our flight was on time and I was so grateful that my stomach stopped acting up.

Maybe, it was just God's way of saving me from further harm and to subtly say: STOP eating, LIA!

Thank you, Tita Jit and Ryan for a very good time in Cebu!

Hahahaha! Tita said next time they already know their way around Cebu and will not tell us if they are going back there.

But then I told her you will not enjoy Cebu without me!

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