Friday, January 27, 2017

Lazy Afternoon Tea For Sarah

Sarah is in town!  From her FB photos, I noticed that she loves taking Afternoon tea.

I told her to come to my house today because I have a surprise for her.

A Lazy Afternoon Tea For Sarah!

I also invited Pinky, Dodai and Dra. Cristina.

It was a simple affair of mini sandwiches...

Cheese pimiento, Spanish sardines, egg salad and ham with cranberry sauce.

Freshly baked Mango Scones.

I just used whipped cream for "effect", no clotted cream available.

Desserts... I just bought!  Hehehehe  I cheated!  Japanese Cheesecake and Japanese Brownies.

I resurrected my old tea box from the pantry.

Dodai asked me what she could bring, I told her miniature desserts but instead, she brought several boxes of assorted danish and croissant!  Thank you!

Pinky brought ice cream but we did not have space in our tummies anymore. Thank you, as well.


We still had to go to Aristrocat for dinner with our other classmates, Jodie, Janette, Candy and Mylene.

It was nice seeing you again, Sarah!

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