Sunday, April 20, 2014

Holyweek 2014

I just stayed at home this year. It was so nice and relaxing to be in the city when everybody was out of town. I never go to the beach when it is crowded. I would rather go on weekdays and off season... I have the place all to myself and let us not forget the off season rates!

Maundy Thursday

A wonderful early Easter present was given to me by Tita Tess! Thank you!

I finished the contents of the whole box in one day! Hahahaha! I was too afraid somebody might see it and ask from me! So I ate them all.

Good Friday

Thank you, Shey for my Good Friday food!

Tricia, my neighbor, invited me for lunch at their house. Good thing I did not have to cook anymore because I woke up late.

Black Saturday

Family Day... Kuya asked me to cook Bulalo Soup for him.

As early as Tuesday, I already bought the bone marrow at Rustan's, Rockwell.

Yummmmmm!!!! Buttery marrow!

I had 2 servings! Only my immediate "blood" relatives enjoyed this delicacy.

I just added corn and Chinese cabbage.

The meat was just half a kilo but believe it or not, they did not even finish it. They only liked the corn and the soup.

Lechon Kawali which I cooked in the turbo broiler.

Kuya's helper grilled the Pusit.

Easter Sunday

I spent Easter Sunday with Jing and her family!

Sherman grilled the Liempo.

I cooked the favorite of James, Fried Rice

And Molo Soup.

Jing also brought Watermelon!

My favorite summer dessert. Better than ice cream!

Tricia, Jing's sister, was in charge of the chips

And drinks!

Mimi! We finally opened the dessert wine you gave me! I loved it!!!!

It was a relaxing food filled Holy Week for me.

Ok.... So where was God in all of these eating activities?

I brought PD to Easter Mass at the park!

Wriggly Chronicles

Wriggly's housemate, Lizzy, was feeling so hot the other day she sat in front of the electric fan.



  1. My parents will agree with you about staying here for holy week bec it's like a ghost town since everyone is out. We too have been spending holy week here for the past years. Lizzy is cute! How old is she? Is she friendly?

    1. Hi Vicky! According to my friend from CARA, Lizzy is about 3 years old.