Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Day with the Junkies

I had a happy day with the Junkies today and their family!

I was with Cat, Shey and Jerry, Tricia and Bambi with their daughters, Bea and Marga. We ate at Circles, Shangrila Hotel.

I already had a few platefuls of Ebi Tempura, tuna sashimi, shrimp cocktail, roast duck and Bistek when I remembered to take photos of my food! I was so hungry and excited that I forgot!

Better late then never.....

I had a thin slice of the prime rib with Yorkshire pudding.

Hahahaha I do not like my meat bloody so I asked th chef to sear the beef for me.

My favorite in hotel buffets.... Papadum with Dahl Curry Sauce.

Grilled Shrimps with Garlic Butter.


Assorted fruits, nuts and cheese!!!!

They got the Mango Strawberry Sphere....

When you crack it open... The mouselike cream oozed out with strawberry preserves and crushed wafer (?).

We had tea and coffee after our meal. Somebody got excited and dropped the sachet of sugar in the coffee mug! Hahahahaha!

I enjoyed my lunch with my neighbors! Too bad we could not eat more even if we were all wearing our "eating dresses"!



  1. Chef Bambi was one of my profs in college. Small world! ^_^