Saturday, April 12, 2014

Brownie Cheesecake

I had leftover cream cheese filling and did not know what to do with it. I could not use it as a spread because it had 1 raw egg.

Then somebody shared a Brownie Cheesecake recipe in FB!

Photo from the website.

(Photo from the website.)

I used Gilly's Brownies recipe for the base and the Cream cheese frosting from the link.

I baked it for 45 minutes.

Shey was my taste tester for the night. I showed her my magic brownie slicer!

The Brownie Cheesecake was scrumptious!

The brownie base was not too sweet plus the saltiness of the cheesecake added a contrasting taste to the bars.

Earlier in the day, I cooked some of Sophie's favorite. It is her birthday tomorrow.

She loves spaghetti with white sauce.

I only cook it for her because I do not like creamy nor cheesy food.

Her other request was Chicken on a bed of Mashed Potatoes.

I made Lumpiang Shanghai because it was what I wanted to eat.

It does not look so pretty but trust me they taste very delicious.

I miss Hermie. She went home to Romblon for a vacation. I only have an "extra" to help me out in the house. Hermie wraps Lumpia beautifully whether it is Lumpiang Bangus, Lumpiang Ubod or Lumpiang Shanghai.

The Wriggly Chronicles

Wriggly met Odie for the first time!

Renzo's little puppy was pushing Wriggly around to the point that he made Wriggly slip on the floor!

Then Odie was on top of Wriggly harassing him and was trying to hump my baby boy!!!!



  1. What a brilliant idea for leftover cream cheese! I had that problem before and I hate frozen cream cheese! Will try that next time. Awww wriggly and odie!

    1. Hi Vicky! Yes! At least we can do something about leftover cream cheese.