Friday, April 11, 2014


When there is Batwan....

There is .... Kansi!!! ( recipe :


My serving of "Utak".

Do you know that you can only get this souring agent from Negros and Panay islands? It is not available in Metro Manila. I was so happy when I asked Eileen's mom to get me some from the province!

One of the reasons why I love Boracay is because of the Kansi of Island Chicken Inasal.

I invited my Junkie neighbors, Shey and Cat. Tricia was not able to join us today so I just sent her some.

Cat and Shey had crispy pata delivered to the house.

I had to go to Guadalupe market while I was letting the beef shank simmer. It was so hard to find green jackfruit but good thing after asking several vegetable vendors, I was able to buy.

I also cooked Ginataang Langka with Shrimps.

The junkies helped me cook the Kansi. It was a relaxing day for everybody.

I'm so glad I had lunch mates today!!! Thanks Shey and Cat!


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