Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not yet ....

I already announced to the world that I am a Pesco-Vegetarian.  Well .... I am not yet one.  I really tried but I could not go back to being a vegan nor a pesco vegetarian.  I have been going out all week long and eating as though I am not a diabetic.  My blood sugar went up again to 300 the other day.  TSK. TSK. TSK.

So, this was the reason why I have been quiet the whole week ... I better fess up..... (Some pictures are not very clear because I only used my Blackberry.)

I went to Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine in Quezon City because it was her Feast Day last February 11.  My friends said I went to Elars Lechon, Quezon Ave. corner Speaker E. Perez Street and the church was just a stop over.

I ordered 1/4 k., my favorite part, ribs, of course.  I got used to soy sauce and vinegar and not the liver sauce anymore.

Then, also on the same day, I went to Cash and Carry Supermarket, I saw a sign and it said: Makati Supermarket Spaghetti at Sizzlers.  Of course, I had to try.

In one of my insane late night moments, I ordered for delivery a super big Ham and Cheese from LOTSA Pizza.

I love the Pinoy kind of pizza, reminds me of 3M pizza when I was a kid.  I remember this white house in Q.C. with a little kiosk outside their gate.

Celine and I went to 168 yesterday because she was looking for a particular shawl given to her as a gift and she wanted to buy more in different colors.

 I went along for the trip because Tita Butchie said the Roasted Lechon at Mitzis, 168 food court was really good.

Roasted Pork Belly with Fried Rice and Tofu

And also the Kikiam.

I had to try, since I only go to 168 once a year. 

I do not know why people think  the goods there are less expensive but it is not true.  I was able to buy a pair of white short - shorts  LOL well .... my friends and I call it a different name but too crude to mention in my blog at the Fashion Bazaar section of Market Market for only 150 pesos!  But in 168, the exact pair of shorts costs 250 pesos!  And a beach cover up in Landmark is only 229 but in 168 it is 350 pesos!  

Celine got the Phad Thai from Chariya Thai Kitchen.

Japanese lunch with my friends today at Kikufuji - Little Tokyo, Pasong Tamo.

Jing ordered the Mixed Tempura.

Celine got the Katsudon.

I ate the Tonkatsu lunch set meal.

Each set meal came with:

salad (I already ate half of the portion before I remembered to take pics)

sashimi choice - Uni

a chicken dish (no picture)

miso soup

Japanese rice.

Let us not forgot that I ate at Kamayan Filipino Buffet last Valentines Day.   I treated PD to lunch!  She always invites me so I thought it was my turn to surprise her. She and I had a date!

I really, really, really need to go back to my Vegan Diet.  It is the only thing that would make my sugar go down.  I have to give myself a talk and convince my brain that is the best course of action.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Why does my blog seem like a confessional booth of all my food sins?

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