Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fish, fish and fish.

I have been eating fish lately.  As usual, still trying to bring down my blood sugar level.  Vegan diet is quite hard to sustain plus eventually, I will have a lot of vitamin deficiencies.  So my next course of action is to add fish to my diet.

I have also been exercising almost everyday for the past week. I am proud of my 5 + km. a day and started running last night again. Well, just in sprints .. walk ... run ... walk ... run ... which is actually good for the heart.

Sunday lunch today with PD was at Mogu, Serendra.

I had the Grilled Tuna Belly with Fried Rice and Barbecue Sauce.

We shared a plain pizza.

PD had the mixed Tempura


Fried rice.

Last night, my food was just Pinangat na SapSap


stir-fried sayote.

My blood sugar improved this morning.  I am happy with the results.

The other day, Hermie experimented with Tawilis wrapped in mango leaves with kamias.

I liked it. 

My favorite mollusk soup is Tahong with Fresh Corn.

She also made Pinakbet with no meat.

Ohhhh our neighbor gave us atis from Taiwan! It was so huge and sweet!!!!

Meat was really plump and almost seedless.

I will search for other healthy fish recipes and post it here.  It has be grilled, baked, steamed, poached or boiled.  Frying is a big NO-NO.

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